10 Awesome Pre Fame Celebrity Appearances on Seinfeld

While some of the celebrities on this list didn’t go too far after Seinfeld their appearances on the show were in effect one of the reasons why they continued to get work afterwards. The pre-fame appearances put forth by these individuals were often funny and compelling enough to get them noticed by other networks. A couple of them weren’t there for that long while some of them popped up in a few different episodes. Every one of them was memorable though in their own way. You might remember the episodes they showed up in or you might not but it’s easy to see just why some of them went on to become big names in show business.

All it takes is getting the attention of the right person at the right time and things can happen.

10. Debra Messing

Having made her claim to fame on Will & Grace it seems that a lot of people wouldn’t remember that Messing did in fact play one of Jerry’s many girlfriends, or at least something close to a girlfriend. That was at least until he found out that she was slightly racist. It’s funny but on Will & Grace there was an episode where she had to find out that a political candidate she was backing was racist as well.

9. Kristen Davis

Before moving over to Sex and the City, Davis played another of Jerry’s girlfriends that had the unfortunate moment of having her toothbrush knocked into the toilet. Of course Jerry could have said something but that wouldn’t have been as funny. Then of course he had to dump her since she brushed her teeth with the tainted toothbrush.

8. Courtney Cox

Jerry had a lot of girlfriends it seems like, but none that he was fake-married to like he was with Cox. The funniest part is that it was so that she could get a dry-cleaning discount. And then Jerry ‘cheated’ on his fake wife with another woman to give her the discount. Oh what a loosely tangled web.

7. Michael Chikliss

As house guests go Michael Chikliss was probably one of the worst since he ordered up an escort and Jerry had to pay for her. And lo and behold the cops were called and observed Jerry paying the escort, prompting them to bust him for soliciting a prostitute.

6. Sarah Silverman

There’s nothing worse when you’re trying to sleep than a clingy bed mate. If you’re into cuddling it’s probably great but Kramer found out the hard way that Silverman liked to smother the person she was sleeping with.

5. Jeremy Piven

This was a weird episode in which Piven was playing a character that was auditioning for the part of George for the show within a show. Needless to say he got a little out of hand when he really started taking the character a little too seriously.

4. Denise Richards

She wasn’t on the show for very long, just long enough that George got an eyeful, which considering that her character was only 15 was kind of creepy really. Of course when she was in Wild Things she was supposed to be pretty young too.

3. Jon Favreau

One more reason to not like clowns would be those clowns that are anything but happy and joyful. Favreau has played a lot of characters before and after this show but he put on a performance in Seinfeld as a rather scary clown.

2. Teri Hatcher

Hatcher was one more of Jerry’s girlfriends that he ended up alienating because he couldn’t find a way to just be a human being and ask her about certain things. She even gave him a parting shot that was mostly ad-libbed when she stormed out of his apartment.

1. Bryan Cranston

This was probably one of Cranston’s calmest roles since in Malcolm in the Middle and Breaking Bad he’s not an entirely stable person. But ever since his appearance on the Seinfeld show there’s been no stopping him.

It’s interesting to remember just how many guest stars a sitcom had during its run.

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