Here’s 18 Minutes of Julia Louis-Dreyfus Seinfeld Bloopers

Here’s 18 Minutes of Julia Louis-Dreyfus Seinfeld Bloopers

I’ve always said that if I could marry the perfect fictional character it would be Elaine Benes.   She was always the perfect combination of beauty, intelligence, plus a sex appeal she could turn on whenever she wanted to.  Julia Louis-Dreyfus played that role so perfectly that I was 100% convinced this is how she was in real life, hence me pretty much wanting to marry Julia Louis-Dreyfus in real life.   And now she’s even funnier than ever on Veep.  She’s proven decade after decade that she’s the queen of comedy on television and honestly I think she can be doing this into her 80s.

Of all the members of the cast of Seinfeld she’s far and away the most gifted when it comes to comedic acting on television.  I’d say Michael Richards but we haven’t seen him in way too long and he’ll never rise up again after his racist rant.

Anyway, speaking of Elaine, I just came across these two videos that focus solely on Julia Louis-Dreyfus bloopers on the set on Seinfeld.  If you’ve got 18 minutes to kill each video is 9 minutes long and you can tell right away just how much fun it must have been working on that show.  Man, I really miss it.

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