Seinfeld: Hilarious Video Inserts “Persona 4” Interface Interactions Into Clips of Show

YouTube user “Triggerhappypilot” shared this clip, which inserts lower thirds into an episode of the comedy series. The effects narrate the character’s movements and write out their lines.  And there’s also a music track which really adds to the effect here.   Essentially we’re seeing what it would look like if the Susan’s Death episode became somewhat dramatic.

Frankly I’m surprised there aren’t more videos out there like this of Seinfeld.  Then again I’m biased because I think it’s the best sitcom of all time.  But how awesome would it be if some Youtuber created a mashup making all of Kramer’s scenes and actions look like a horror movie?

Or how about doing something with Mr. Perterman?  There’s gotta be something going around with him.   For now we’ll just have to settle for this clip:

Which by the way I’m not complaining about.  P.S. I actually met this guy in the early 2000s at a part in California.  His hair was so white I thought he was God.  He also had a gorgeous blond at his side.  Why isn’t he a game show host right now?  I know he did that for like 5 seconds.   Come on John Hurley!

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