The Two and a Half Hour Seinfeld Bloopers Gag Reel for Every Season

Two and a half hours of Seinfeld bloopers gag reel is enough to remember that for as funny as the show was, they still had a lot of flubs. Thinking that Michael Richards didn’t always bust through the door as usual is hard to believe but he did flop a few times. George couldn’t help laughing a lot of times and had to force another take. Even Jerry couldn’t keep his lines straight sometimes as he had to just stop and do the scene again. Even the guest stars seemed to be good sports about it most times since they had to go through the scenes as well. In  some cases the guest stars just couldn’t keep their composure since the regulars were being just as forgetful.

It’s even funnier to see how they all try to play if off as they attempt to ad-lib something to get through the scene. Sometimes it was just the set and props that were being used that gave them troubles, but then again they played it off so well other times that you couldn’t help but laugh. Even Jerry’s stand up comedy gets its fair share of flubs despite the fact that this is something he’s done for so long.  Maybe it’s the camera and the idea that he’s on camera and can go through another take that allows him to get away with it. But maybe it’s just because stuff happens and that’s the way it is.

The fact that there are flubs and bloopers in this kind of sitcom is kind of appealing at least since it shows you that they’re not perfect and do make mistakes. That tends to humanize people’s favorite actors and comedians just a little bit more so that they don’t seem like untouchable characters that are perfect and never screw up. It might be a mild and trivial thing to create a blooper on a sitcom but it’s still pretty funny and very comforting.  Think about it this way, so many people idolize actors that they tend to think that they can do no wrong. They think that because of their star status that actors are the salt of the earth and so on and so forth. Some people might even go so far as to state that bloopers are staged simply to make the actors look a little more down to earth. The truth of it is that actors do lose their lines and their place in the scene from time to time and need to be reminded.

What’s so great about bloopers however is that you can tell that at least a few of them are still in love with the show and are having a good time. When they’re all getting into it the fact becomes obvious that they don’t take it too seriously and understand that they’re going to mess up from time to time. That’s a part of what makes the show so great, that they have to work and make an honest attempt at getting it right. No one gets it perfect all the time.

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