10 Things You Didn’t Know About Zach Justice

10 Things You Didn’t Know About Zach Justice

10 Things You Didn’t Know About Zach Justice

Season 10 of “Married at First Sight” ended last month, and we came to know Zach Justice, who was paired up with Mindy Shiben. However, even before Decision Day, the two went their separate ways, and from how Zach behaved, he was accused of using the show to become famous. He defended himself, saying that Mindy came into his life for a reason while Mindy maintained that the divorce was the best thing that ever happened to her. Let’s tell you more about Zach and why the relationship failed.

1. He was not attracted to Mindy

“You can’t hurry love” is a song by Phil Collins whose lyrics Mindy and Zach should have adhered to before deciding to get married. Zach had confessed that he was not attracted to Mindy, but she kept hoping for things to change. The fact that Zach did not want to spend the night with her after seemingly gaining a connection was proof of the lack of attraction. Mindy confessed that she was disappointed that her own husband was not ready to stay the night in what would be their home.

2. He felt the divorce was a failure

As much as we are encouraged not to give up at the first sign of trouble, there is no point in staying in a relationship that is not fulfilling all your needs. Therefore Zach and Mindy settled on going their separate ways. However, for Zach, even if they were not getting along, to him, divorce was a failure on his part; thus, he ensured that they remain friends thereafter. Still, despite the amicable divorce, Zach was not sure if they would maintain the friendship, but he hoped so according to Extra.

3. His unfaithfulness led to his divorce

They say that the worst thing you can ever do to a person is betray them, yet that is what Zack did to his wife. Even after getting married to a person she knew was not attracted to her and was only spending time with her for the cameras, Mindy was still willing to make it work. Unfortunately, Zach was not, and he began texting with Mindy’s best friend, Lindsay. Mindy found deleted messages between Zach and Lindsay, and once she wrapped her head around it, she knew what was going on behind her back. She, therefore, called it quits, choosing to also surround herself with only loyal friends.

4. Being on the show put him outside of his comfort zone

As much as nothing grows until we get out of our comfort zone, Zach does not mind staying within his comfort. As a result, not having everything within his power, and going in blind was the scariest part of being on “Married at First Sight.” He, therefore, also tried too hard to have the right answers to every situation instead of being himself and taking it easy.

5. Why he thinks his relationship with Mindy did not work out

While most fans think that Zach’s lack of attraction is the main reason for the eventual split, Zach said during his interview with Soap Dirt that the strain in the marriage was due to different communication styles. Zach describes himself as a person who barely shows his emotions, whereas Mindy is very emotionally driven. The reality star even confessed that he struggled to try and attach any emotional meaning to “marriage” and “wife.” For this reason, he does not blame the matchmakers since they would not have known that the couple did not have any chemistry. Instead, he blames himself for shutting down and not asking Mindy loads of questions at the start of the relationship.

6. He had a hard time writing vows for his wedding

Weddings are supposed to be beautiful, and writing the vows to your future partner should be easy because you have dated, thus know the person well. For Zach, that was not the case because he barely knew Mindy, thus penning down those intimate promises he was supposed to keep for life was extremely difficult. He, however, wrote them from the perspective that Mindy would be someone he connected to immediately, but just like Crystal Gayle sang, the spark did not come, and finally, the sound of goodbye came true.

7. Why he thinks the matchmakers thought he and Mindy were perfect for each other

When Zach talked to In Touch Weekly, he said that on paper, he and Mindy looked like the ideal couple. They shared an interest in sports and creative arts; while Zach is the founder of Casual Athlete that is also concerned with Men’s look, design, and style, Mindy is a figure skating coach and artist. The matchmakers, therefore, reasoned that the two would get along only for Zach to find out they are polar opposites.

8. He is ready to settle down

You would think that after the failed experiment, Zach would reconsider his readiness for marriage, but he is sure more than ever about settling down. He believes he is ready for that chapter in his life, and the reality television show has taught him that for a relationship to work, there has to be communication and transparency.

9. He loves flaunting his six-pack

Zach believes in leading by example as per one of his posts on Instagram, where he says there is nothing worse than an unfit or overweight trainer. For this reason, almost all his Instagram posts are of him working out in the gym. In others, he shows off his six-pack, sometimes comparing his younger self with his current physique, saying that he always dreamed of bulking up. The star has maintained his fit body, which encourages others to work out too.

10. What he eats for breakfast

The reality star may have disclosed how much he loves being prepared in his love life, but even for breakfast, he enjoys a routine. Zach thus eats four whole eggs or a cup of egg whites, a cup of oats, and a scoop of collagen peptides. He said what he eats is all about being aware of what his body needs for fuel, so Zach does not overwhelm himself with unnecessary diets.

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