10 Things You Didn’t Know about YouTube’s Zach Choi

10 Things You Didn’t Know about YouTube’s Zach Choi

Zach Choi is a South Korean-American YouTuber and social media personality known for his Mukbang and ASMR videos. His videos are known for their satisfying visuals and sounds, showcasing different foods – local and international cuisines. Choi has amassed millions of followers since his first video.

Choi joined YouTube on July 5, 2014, and has gained over 20.9 million subscribers within that time. Choi has uploaded over 860 videos which have received over 5.4 billion views. However, despite his popularity, Choi remains one of the most mysterious figures on YouTube. Here are 10 things you didn’t know about YouTube’s Zach Choi.

1. Zach Choi Is From Maryland

Zach Choi YouTuber

Zach Choi may be a long way from his birthplace, Maryland, but he was raised in Baltimore. Choi ditched the mid-Atlantic in favor of sunshine and bright lights. Several years ago, he moved to Los Angeles to give himself the advantage to pursue his dreams of being in the entertainment industry.

2. Zach Choi Worked As A Waiter

Zach Choi ASMR

With Zach’s apparent love for food, it’s not surprising he once worked as a waiter. Although it’s unclear which restaurant Zach worked in, he likely had this job when he first moved to L.A. It’s common for people in the area to hold down odd jobs while pursuing other interests. Whatever the case, Choi has been around food for a long time.

3. Most Of Zach Choi’s Fans Have Never Heard His Voice

Zach Choi

There are many ASMR and Mukbang YouTubers out there, but what makes Zach Choi so unique is that he never uses his voice – literally, never! All his videos are silent except for the allegedly soothing sound of chewing, crushing, and cutting his food. He even remains silent while doing videos with other YouTubers. In his early days, talking (or more like whispering) was a part of his routine, but many believed that he stopped due to insecurities about his voice. However, diehard Choi followers were able to uncover some older YouTube videos where Zach can be heard talking in his regular voice.

4. Zach Choi Used To Be In Fashion

Zach Choi as a model

Zach Choi’s YouTube channel isn’t his first attempt at internet stardom. He’s actually been around for quite a while and used to be a fashion blogger. Although Choi’s fashion blogging website is now inactive, when he was running it, he wrote a lot of commentary on the different fashion trends he came across in Los Angeles.

5. Zach Choi Was Adopted

Zach Choi ASMR YouTube video

For someone who doesn’t speak during his videos, the last thing that’s expected is for him to share personal information about himself. However, one detail we know is that Zach Choi was adopted. There’s no info on whether or not he was adopted by a Korean family (he is of Korean descent) or if he was adopted from Korea.

6. Zach Choi Once Got Caught In Some YouTube Beef

Zach Choi, Nikocado Avocado, and Stephanie Soo

How can a person who never says anything be involved in drama? Zach Choi is proof that if you don’t go looking for trouble, it still can find its way to you. In late 2019, Zach got caught in the squabble between fellow YouTubers Nikocado Avocado and Stephanie Soo. The problem began when Stephanie, Nikocado, and Zach were filming together in a collaboration video. During the video, Nikocado asked Stephanie to share information about another YouTuber.

The request clearly made Stephanie uncomfortable, and things quickly took a turn. Stephanie later accused Nikocado of being “manipulative.” Stephanie also stated Nikocado made her feel unsafe. Although the issue had nothing to do with Choi, viewers were waiting for him to pitch in or say something. True to his nature, Choi kept his thoughts to himself. However, later, he released a series of tweets sharing his feelings on the situation.

7. Zach Choi Was A Model

Zach Choi on the bed

Although Zach Choi certainly has the looks for modeling, many would find it hard to believe he actually has a career as one. During his time as a fashion blogger, Choi did a bit of modeling. While there’s no evidence that Choi was a professional model, he posted many stylish pictures and videos. Unfortunately, they’ve all been deleted from his accounts, but others reposted some of the content.

8. Zach Choi Isn’t A Gen Z

Zach Choi taking a selfie

YouTube is mostly filled with Gen Z, who have become social media personalities and influencers. However, Zach Choi is proof that Millennials, too, can take advantage of the opportunities the internet offers. Choi was born on August 27, 1986, in Seoul, South Korea.

9. Choi Isn’t His Real Last Name

Zach Choi eating spaghetti

Even big Zach Choi fans may be shocked that Choi isn’t his real last name. He has been using the pseudonym for years, even before becoming a YouTuber. However, no one seems to know what his real last name is. As a private person, fans can keep their fingers crossed and wait for Choi to reveal more personal information about himself.

10. Zach Choi Has Had Plastic Surgery

Zach Choi about to eat

Older subscribers of Zach Choi’s are more likely to notice a difference in his face than newer subscribers. If you’ve found Choi’s older videos, your eyes or screen isn’t playing any tricks on you. Zach has undergone a few surgical procedures on his face. Zach Choi has had double eyelid surgery as well as a nose job.ASMR videos

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