10 Things You Didn’t Know about Zach Choi

Zach Choi

Anyone who has ever gotten lost down the YouTube rabbit whole has probably stumbled across a few videos of people chewing and/or whispering directly into a microphone. There’s a good chance those YouTubers were trying to help their viewers achieve an autonomous sensory meridian response, also known as ASMR. This response is said to create a relaxing tingling feeling that people love. As a result, ASMR has become all the rage on YouTube, and popular users like Zach Choi are taking full advantage of this craze. Choi is one of the most well-known YouTubers thanks to his combination of mukbang and ASMR videos. Since launching his channel, Choi has earned millions of followers. But despite his popularity, Zach Choi is also one of the most mysterious figures on YouTube. Keep reading to learn 10 things you didn’t know about Zach Choi.

1. He’s From Maryland

Zach Choi may be a long way from Maryland now, but he was raised in the city of Baltimore. However, Choi ditched the mid atlantic in favor of sunshine and bright lights. Several years ago, he moved to Los Angeles to put himself in a better position to pursue his dreams of being in the entertainment industry.

2. He Worked As A Waiter

With Zach’s apparent love for food, it’s not too shocking that he used to be a waiter. It’s unclear which restaurant Zach worked in, but he likely had this job when he first moved to L.A. It’s pretty common for people in the area to hold down odd jobs while they pursue other interests. One thing’s for sure though, a job involving food seems to be a requirement for Choi.

3. Most Of His Fans Have Never Heard His Voice

There are lots of ASMR and Mukbang YouTubers out there, but what makes Zach Choi so unique is that he never uses his voice. Literally, never. All of his videos are silent with the exception of the allegedly soothing sound of his chewing. He even remains silent while doing videos with other YouTubers. In his early days, talking –more like whispering– was a part of his routine but many believe that he stopped due to insecurities about his voice. However, diehard Choi followers were able to uncover some older YouTube videos where Zach can be heard talking in his regular voice.

4. He Used To Be Into Fashion

Zach Choi’s YouTube channel isn’t his first try at Internet stardom. He’s actually been around for quite a while and used to be a fashion blogger who ran a website called NativetoNowhere. The site is now inactive, but when Choi was running it he wrote a lot of commentary on different fashion trends he came across in Los Angeles.

5. He Was Adopted

Since Zach Choi doesn’t talk on his channel, it goes without saying that he hasn’t shared much information about his personal life. One detail that we do know, however, is that Zach Choi was adopted. There’s no info on whether or not he was adopted by a Korean family (he is of Korean descent) or if he was adopted from Korea.

6. He Was Involved In Some YouTube Beef

How can a person who never says anything be involved in drama? Zach Choi is proof that it’s possible. In late 2019, Zach caught got in the middle of an issue between fellow YouTubers, Nikocado Avocado and Stephanie Soo. The problems began when Stephanie, Nikocado, and Zach were filmng together for a collaboration video. During the video, Nikocado asked Stephanie to share information on another YouTuber. The request clearly made Stephanie uncomfortable and things quickly took a turn. Stephanie accused Nikocado of being “manipulative“. She also expressed that he made her feel unsafe. Although the moment didn’t have anything to do with Choi, viewers were looking for him to speak out on either side.  Choi eventually released a series of tweets sharing his feelings on the situation.

7. He Was A Model

If you’ve ever got sucked into a video of Zach Choi downing a bunch of greasy fast food while saying absolutely nothing, it can be hard to believe that he once had aspirations of being a model. It’s true, though. During his time as a fashion blogger, Choi did a bit of modeling. There’s no evidence that he ever made it into the professional modeling world, but he did post lots of stylish pictures and videos. Unfortunately, they’ve all been deleted from his accounts but some of the content has been reposted by others.

8. He’s In His 30s

YouTube may seem like something only kids and teens would be interested in, but that isn’t the case. There are lots of more mature YouTubers out there and Zach Choi is one of them. Choi was born on August 27th, 1986 which means he’ll be 34 this year.

9. Choi Isn’t His Real Last Name

Even big Zach Choi fans may be shocked to know that Choi isn’t his real last name. He has been using the pseudonym for years, even before becoming a YouTuber, but no one seems to know what his real last name is. Since Zach is a very private person, there’s a chance he’ll never reveal this personal detail.

10. He’s Had Plastic Surgery

If you’ve been following Zach’s online life for years, you may have noticed that he looks a little different than he used to. Your eyes aren’t playing tricks on you. Zach has undergone a few surgical procedures on his face. He’s had double eyelid surgery as well as a nose job.

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