Young and the Restless: A Trip Leads to Impulsive Decisions

Young and the Restless fans know that there is a trip coming up in which Billy and Phyllis and Nick and Chelsea are in the Big Easy. They are on a trip to New Orleans for whatever reason, and it’s something that Billy is paying for. What might happen, however, is they will spend too much time focusing on things like drinking heavily, and we all know what that does mean when it comes to people and their drinking habits. It means they are obviously going to spend some serious time focusing on things like their poor lives and celebrating what is going on in them that’s good.

And we think this is where they will end up married. We have a good idea that they will drink a bit too much and end up in a wedding chapel at the end of a long night, and the next morning someone will really regret this decision. And we think it will mostly be Nick and Chelsea that regret the decision.

You see, they aren’t on a good solid foundation in their relationship. They are in the middle of a bad place in theirs. She didn’t even want him to live with her, let alone get married to him. But that doesn’t mean anything since drinking too much and having bad ideas does seem to be one of those situations in which they decide said bad idea is the best. Idea. Ever. It happens — and it’s a problem.

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