Young and the Restless Spoilers: Is There A Wedding on the Way?

Young and the Restless fans are hearing some serious rumors that we need to discuss this week. We hear there is a good chance there might be a wedding on the horizon — and not just any wedding; a double wedding. What?? Who might be getting married in the land of people who seem to hate the people they’re dating more than they actually seem to like them? Well, we have a feeling it might just be Billy and Phyllis to start with — and that will kill Victoria. They seem to be on the backburner in her mind right now due to the fact that she’s got other problems, but oh my.

And then there is Nick and Chelsea — which is something we have to admit we did not see coming. For one, he is going to learn what she was involved in so long ago with Jordan, and he is going to be horrified by this. And then there is the fact that she knows his son is not his son, and she’s spent years keeping this secret with his father — the man he hates.

So these two might be getting married, and they might be doing it in a double situation. And we have to wonder what is going on that might make this happen? Is this not so much a wedding so much as it is a plot to get what they want from Victor? Is there any chance this is a huge set up from start to finish? We hope so.

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