Young and the Restless Spoilers: JT’s Body is Missing

Young and the Restless fans are confused about what is happening in the life of JT. We know he is dead, but we hear that there is a good chance his body is going to go missing. Did someone take it and hope that it would not be found? Or did it get up and walk away? There is a lot going on here, but none of it is going to be very productive to those who are in this situation. He is missing, and there is no body. This means there is always a chance he might be alive.

And if he is alive, that cannot make things easier for Vickie. Will she think that he is alive or will she think that he is just missing because the body was taken? There is not much she can do about it at this point, but she can work on figuring out what is going on with everyone based on what happened in their lives.

She’s going to worry that he might be alive in the same vain she is worried that his body is found and there is some evidence that links her and her family to this situation. They might not get away with this if they are not careful, but they have no idea how to be careful enough to make sure nothing like this happens in their lives. They need to focus right now and staying clear of this crime, but it’s not easy at the moment.

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