Young and the Restless Spoilers: Jack and Victor Work Together

Young and the Restless fans might remember us mentioning there is a chance two people who dislike one another very much might just show up and win the day with a partnership no one saw coming, and we finally know how it will all go down. It turns out we are all going to see a situation occur between Jack and Victor, and it’s going to put them on the same side. If you recall, these two very powerful men dislike one another very much. They have a long history with the same woman. Jack was once married to Nikki.

They divorced and she married Victor. They’ve been married a long time, and now that their marriage is in trouble she’s run right back to her ex-husband to find comfort in his arms. She’s not happy with her husband, but she’s working on being happy with Jack. And Victor is very unhappy about this.

However, Victor and Jack are about to find there is a common ground they both have that might make them a bit more amenable to work things out. We certainly don’t believe these two men will do anything that will make them friends with one another, but they will do something that will change their lives for the moment. They will partner together because they have a common ground. There are people in need of help, and working together is the only way they can make that happen for them.

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