Young and the Restless: How Far Will Victor Go?

Young and the Restless: How Far Will Victor Go?

Young and the Restless: How Far Will Victor Go?

Young and the Restless fans know Victor is not in a good place right now. He’s done something horrible, and the chance his family will forgive him for this is very slim. He’s not in a good place, but he is in a place in which he can do whatever he wants right now because everyone is already upset. At this moment in time, though, he’s more concerned with what people are going to think of him in the future. He’s not too worried that his family is upset with him now, but he will be very worried about it if it goes on much longer. This is the reason he’s going to start looking around to find out if there is anything he can do to win them back.

What he finds shocks him. He finds his son is still alive. He was not killed in that explosion planned by Chloe after Victor paid her to set him up. He managed to escape the blast and get lost in the wild before anyone found the cabin. Now he’s hiding out, trying to protect his family from the very man who is his own family. Victor didn’t seem to know that Chloe was going to kill Adam, but we maintain we thought she had everything planned in advance and he might have suspected she would go that far considering she believes he is the reason her daughter is dead.

We believe that Victor is going to find out that his son is alive. It’s going to be something he wants his family to know, and he’s going to be shocked when he discovers this information. But don’t be fooled into thinking this information will come on the heels of Chelsea thinking everyone is lying to her when she finds out about Victor’s involvement, and the fact that Nick didn’t bother mentioning it to her. It’s going to get very, very ugly before it gets much better.

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