Young and the Restless: Abby Has Some Issues

Young and the Restless spoilers indicate some things are getting very exciting at the moment. They’re going to see a change in relationships on this show in the coming weeks, and we’ll begin with Abby. She’s working with a young man named Zack. He’s a businessman she’s teamed up with on a project, and she’s got some serious chemistry with him. Dina might be older — and she might not have been around ever in the past few years — but she’s able to see this very clearly. She will tell Abby now is a good time to make her move.

Will she do it? We think she will, and she will take Dina’s advice throughout the process. That is, until Dina finds out a few things about this young man that make her question whether this is the right young man her Abby. When this happens, Abby won’t be happy to hear Dina tell her it’s not a good idea and that it won’t work. Of course, it’s too late now.

When Tessa decides to share what she knows about this guy with Abby, will that change the game? Will she be more willing to see the situation for what it is when a friend is telling her the truth? Or will she decide that Tessa has teamed up with Dina to ruin her life? Abby has a lot on her plate and on her mind, and she doesn’t have time to bother with this stuff right now — she needs to focus on her new role at work.

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