Young and the Restless: Abby Comes Home to A Mess

Young and the Restless: Abby Comes Home to A Mess

Young and the Restless fans are going to see Abby make her return today. She’s back from Paris, and she’s not entirely happy about what she is finding when she comes home. When she left, things were already bad enough. Now she’s home to find her mother and father being a bit too close for comfort. She’s finding her mother working for her father, her sister mad at her mother, her uncle fighting with his sister, and everyone mad at everyone else.

Her own brother is in a serious bind right now with the woman he loves as well as the little boy he didn’t know was not his baby until recently, and things are a total disaster. Will she even know what to do now that she’s home and able to see up close and personal all the mess that’s going on? She’s not sure she can handle this, but we aren’t sure we can, either.

Will Abby be the person who can bring everyone together and get them all to chill out and stop with their feelings of hatred and anger? Can she make them all calm down and focus on the things that she feels are more important to her than they are to them? Or will she come home and find herself sucked into this terrible mess because her family cannot get it together? Is there a chance her own problems might just cause her a bit of trouble of her own, too?

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