Young and the Restless Daytime Emmy Nomination Surprises

Young and the Restless Daytime Emmy Nomination Surprises

Young and the Restless fans are always bragging about how their show is the best show on television, but it seems that the people who get to make their choices for Emmy nominations does not agree so much this year. In fact, this is a show that is well below the number of nominations it needed to get the most out of all the daytime soaps this year. Days of Our Lives got a total of 27 nominations across the board, and General Hospital got 25. The people here didn’t get that many, and we have to wonder if there is something else going on that makes it seem like they aren’t on top of their game this year. Is it all the people leaving? Is it all the drama that was associated with the rumors that there is a man on the show who is driving everyone away and making it impossible for people to want to work here anymore? What is going on, and how can this be fixed?

Only 20 Nominations

It might sound like a lot of Daytime Emmy nominations because it is a lot of them. However, there is very little that we can do other than sit back and wonder how this will play out in terms of what is gong on with the other shows. The third highest out of four is not that impressive, and that’s not typical for this show. But, there are so many people who took off and left. There are so many people who wanted to go, who did not renew their contracts, and even who were fired, so that makes things a bit complicated in the grand scheme of things. Either way, though, this show didn’t do as well as usual in the nomination department.

Leading Actress Snubs

Sometimes, you just find that things don’t really pan out in a way that makes much sense. This is a show in which there are a handful of women who have lead roles on a daily basis. They have more than their fair share of things to handle, and we always want to know if there is something we can do to figure out why there is not even one actress nominated in this category. There is not even one. Nikki has had a terribly big year. Ashley Abbott had a big year. Phyllis and Victoria and Sharon had bigger years than almost anyone else you’ve seen all year on the show, and not one of them ended up with a nomination for their hard work and the things that they’ve been doing.

As for the men, however, they were recognized. However, just one of them was. Peter Bergman, who plays Jack, was nominated for his role as a lead actor. He is the only lead character who got a nomination this year, and it seems very surprising to everyone that the entire show was basically overlooked in the lead actor department when so many of them had such stellar years.

Supporting Roles for the Win

While there might not be much going on in the leading actor department, and there is nothing going on in the leading actress department, there is a lot going on in the supporting role department. The supporting ladies took home some nominations. Two of them, to be precise. Mishael Morgan, who died this year on the show, took one home. As did Beth Maitland. And they both deserve their nominations in every manner, but we are surprised that they were the only two. In the men’s department, only Bryton James took home a nomination, but we get it. He had the most amazing year in terms of his personality, his development, and the things that happened to him. He was a man who had a lot going o for him, and then he did not. He is a man who had to get things accomplished, and he was a man who had to make things work in his favor. We are glad that he was able to do that, but he is the only man in this category to bring home a nomination at all.

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