You Season 3 Episode 1 Recap: Why Wasn’t It Happily Ever After For Joe and Love

In the first two seasons of You, we watched Joe Goldberg desperate’s pursuit of love lead him down a treacherous and gruesome path. The psychopathic co-dependent was obsessed with “finding the one” and in Season 2 he finally found the woman of his dreams or at least it seems that way. In season 3 of the series, Joe finally has the life that he’s always wanted except that it’s nothing like he imagined it would be. After finding out that Love was pregnant, Joe marries Love and the couple relocates to a small town in the Bay Area where they can start anew and raise their growing family. Life seems great for the Goldbergs…right? I mean this is the storybook life that Joe always wanted, correct?  Joe can’t help but think that he may have married the wrong person. He does what most couples do, he decides to stick things out for the baby. Joe’s unhappiness in his marriage isn’t surprising. Towards the end of Season 2, he was ready to eliminate Love just like the rest of the women he left in his wake and the only thing that stopped him was the fact that she was pregnant. The marriage was doomed from the start.

Love Gives Birth

Things start to get even worse for Joe when Love finally gives birth. Joe was excited about the birth of their little baby girl. Except when the baby is actually born in the premiere it’s a boy! Joe is terrified of raising a boy. He’s confident that he has always known how to deal with girls and women. The arrival of his son throws Joe totally off and he’s not sure about this whole parenting thing anymore. The baby is named Henry Forty Quinn-Goldberg. His first name is after Joe’s surrogate father and his middle name is after Love’s murdered brother. Dottie, Love’s overbearing mother believes that the baby is a reincarnation of her deceased brother. As you can see the baby doesn’t get the best start in life. Oh yeah, did we forget to mention that Love’s mother has moved in to help with the baby?  The tension in the Quinn-Goldberg house is mounting.

Parenthood Is Rough For Joe

Joe hates parenthood mainly because he believes that his son doesn’t like him.  Every time Joe attempts to bond with Henry, the baby starts crying. This frustrates him and it seems to anger Love who thinks that he’s not trying hard enough. Needless to say, Love is overwhelmed especially since she’s doing everything by herself.  It’s obvious that they are both have a case of postpartum and it’s putting a strain on their marriage.

Money Is Tight

Joe and Love decided to move to one of the wealthiest neighborhoods in California that’s home to tech millionaires. As the new kids on the block, they are having a hard time keeping up with their neighbors. When Joe sold the bookstore he gave the proceeds to Ellie which was only right after Love killed her sister. Love’s family gave them money to purchase their house but even her wealthy family are tapped out. When Love approaches her mom about starting a bakery her mother confesses that money has been tight.

Joe Has A Potential New Love Interest

It doesn’t help that Joe has started to take interest in Natalie their next door neighbor, realtor, and wife of a big time tech entrepreneur. To be honest, Natalie puts the move on Joe first but that only sparks his interest. They almost end up sleeping together when Natalie invites Joe over for drinks but Joe stops things before they get too far. Instead, he goes home and sleeps when Love is something they haven’t done in months. Love eventually puts two and two together. She realizes that something is going on with Natalie and Joe. She’s right. She knows Joe’s patterns and she can sense that he’s becoming obsessed with her. Love ends up hitting Natalie in the head with an ax killing her instantly. Joe gets angry because Love is so reactive and can never seem to control herself. It seems like Love and Joe are having trouble in every aspect of their marriage. Perhaps Joe is having such a hard time in life as a husband because he picked the wrong woman. Throughout the episode Joe constantly criticized Love. He hates that she’s impulsive. The truth is, Joe sees a lot of himself in Love and that’s one of the reasons he despises her. The challenges of a new marriage don’t make things any easier for the Goldbergs.

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