Exclusive Interview: Gold Medalist Gabby Douglas Discusses Biopic and Olympics

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Gabby Douglas has accomplished quite a bit in the 18 years she has been alive. In 2012, she became the first African American Olympian to be named the Individual All-Around Champion in Gymnastics. Douglas was also the first US Gymnast to win a team and individual gold medal in the same Olympics. When not practicing in the gym, Douglas able to write two New York Times Bestsellers. It is no surprise Lifetime will be bringing us The Gabby Douglas Story, which follows the life of the young teen gymnast. Douglas will  be making a cameo, so be sure to keep an eye out for her.  Currently training for the 2016 Olympics in Rio de Janiero, Brazil, Douglas was able to take a few minutes and answer a couple questions.

TVO:     Hi Gabby. How are you doing today?

Gabrielle Douglas:      Good. How are you?

TVO:     I’m doing well, thank you. I was interested in how you were first approached about doing this TV movie.

Gabrielle Douglas:      Well I think they approached my mom or my agent, my manager and then my mom told me that Lifetime wanted to do a movie and we all agreed and said yes.

TVO:     That’s really exciting.

Gabrielle Douglas:      Yes. It was really exciting and  it’s a great opportunity to see my life on film. It’s really cool but at the same time it’s a little overwhelming.

TVO:     I’m a really big fan of Regina King and I know that she’s going to be playing the part of your mother. What was it like meeting her?

Gabrielle Douglas:      She is amazing. She’s such a doll and she played my mom so well. Me and my sister were joking around, “Mom she even played a better you.” That’s how we were saying she did. She did a fantastic job portraying my mom and she was definitely on point.

TVO:    I want to ask you a couple questions about the Olympics. The Winter games are going to be starting pretty soon and I was interested in knowing what events are you most looking forward to seeing.

Gabrielle Douglas:      I’m really looking forward to seeing figure skating.

TVO:    That is one of my favorites, too. And what was it like standing on the podium when you were accepting your gold medal because that’s something a lot of us will only be able to dream of ever accomplishing.

Gabrielle Douglas:      It was truly such an honor to stand on the podium and all I could think about was the effort in the gym, determination and sacrifice that me and my family have put in the gym. It finally paid off.

TVO:    It really did! Well, I thank you for your time Gabby. I hope you have a nice day.

Gabrielle Douglas:      Thank you, you too.

The Gabby Douglas Story premieres Saturday, February 1st at 8 PM on Lifetime.

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