10 Things You Didn’t Know about “Big Timber” on Netflix

10 Things You Didn’t Know about “Big Timber” on Netflix

10 Things You Didn’t Know about “Big Timber” on Netflix

The logging industry isn’t something that most people probably spend a lot of time thinking about. However, Netflix is hoping to change that with its new series, Big Timber. The series follows logger and sawmill owner Kevin Wenstob, who works hard to take care of his family and keep his business afloat. Even if you’re not particularly interested in logging, viewers have been pleasantly surprised by how interesting the show is. So, if you’re looking for something new to watch (admit it, you are), Big Timber could be the perfect thing to add to your list. Keep reading to learn 10 things you didn’t know about Big Timber.

1. The Show Was Filmed In Canada

Many people in the United States likely assumed that Big Timber was filmed in America, but the show actually takes place a little further north. Kevin’s business is situated in British Columbia, making it the filming location for the show. To be more specific, the show is set on Klitsa Mountain.

2. Kevin Purchased His Sawmill With His Own Money

People who love stories about hard work and dedication will be sure to be captivated by Big Timber. Kevin purchased Weston Timber with his own hard-earned funds and has been pouring an immense amount of effort (literally) into it ever since. We don’t know the exact amount of money the business brings in, but it appears to be very successful.

3. The Show Premiered On The History Channel

Some may be under the impression that Big Timber is a Netflix original series, but that’s actually not the case. The show originally premiered on the History Channel in 2020. Adapting to being followed around by a production team was certainly an adjustment for the Wenstob family, but it has ultimately proved to be a great experience.

4. Some People Find The Show Problematic

Logging may be how the Wenstob family makes their money, but there are many people who disagree with the practice due to its potential impacts on the environment. According to Green Matters, “To many people, the logging industry is often viewed as a symbol of all the environmental issues our world is currently facing, caused by human activities. When left unchecked, logging can lead to soil erosion, habitat destruction, and exacerbate the climate crisis.”

5. Big Timber Is Kevin’s First TV Show

Kevin Wenstob isn’t the kind of person who set out to become a reality TV star – the opportunity simply presented itself to him due to the success of his logging and sawmill company. As far as we can tell, Kevin has no TV experience outside of Big Timber.

6. The Show Hasn’t Been Renewed For Season Two

Waiting to be renewed is one of the most anxiety-inducing aspects of the TV industry. Currently, there has been no confirmation that Big Timber will be renewed. However, as the show is gaining traction on Netflix, there is a strong possibility that producers will decide to give it another season.

7. You Can Follow Kevin’s Business On Social Media

Big Timber doesn’t have any social media profiles of its own, but those who love to keep up with their favorite shows online will be delighted to know that Wenstob Timber is active on social media. The business has accounts on both Facebook and Instagram and both profiles are updated regularly.

8. Kevin Started Documenting His Journey Long Before The Cameras Came Around

Big Timber may be Kevin’s first time on TV, but it’s not his first time in front of the camera. Even before they were offered a series, Kevin and his wife were already documenting their journey on their own. Little did they know, this would prepare them for having their own show eventually.

9. Viewers Will Learn A Lot

There’s no doubt that Big Timber is an entertaining show, but it also has an educational component. Since logging is not something that most people are familiar with, many viewers will be surprised by how much they can learn by tuning in. Lots of viewers will likely be surprised by the potential profitability of logging.

10. There’s A Little More To The Show Than Logging

Logging is definitely the main focus of Big Timber, but that isn’t the only thing people will get from the show. Since Wenstob Timber is a family-owned business, viewers will also get the chance to get a peek into the family’s dynamics and learn more about Kevin and his loved ones as individuals.

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