SNL’s Middle Aged Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles are Back

SNL’s Middle Aged Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles are Back

SNL’s Middle Aged Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles are Back

There are just so many jokes to be made about this one that it’s hard to know where to start. But maybe punching down when it comes to Michaelangelo’s bedroom prowess isn’t the best place since it feels like an easy target given that the turtles haven’t really been looked at in this light, at least not out in the open where people might consider such a thing as being worth a discussion. But the Middle-Aged Ninja Turtles are, unfortunately, cursed with double chins, diabetes in one case, and a need for added comfort that they didn’t require when they were younger. The teenage years only last so long though, and then age starts to take hold in the 20s, even if a person doesn’t feel it yet, and starts to clamp down on some folks in their 30s, even if they can still maintain their lifestyle. But man, once those 40s roll in, a person had better have a set plan when it comes to staying in shape and getting through their day since otherwise time is set to reach and slap a person upside the everything as it becomes obvious that they’re aging and not getting any younger. If there’s any need to prove this, kids are yet another bit of evidence as to why getting older can be tough.

Kids are amazing to be certain, but once they grow up and start forming their own opinions and doing their own thing, as many parents want them to do, they tend to pull away from their parents and don’t come home for every holiday, don’t agree with their parents on certain things, and sometimes become opinionated individuals that are hard to be around. Hey, at least a lot of us get to know how our own parents felt when we were younger but to see a few of our favorite heroes go through the same kind of brings it home. It’s interesting that we didn’t see Mikey with kids, but then if he performs the same way that it’s alluded to at the beginning of the clip it’s likely that he doesn’t have any, or that he has at least one or two and doesn’t know about them or is kind of a deadbeat dad. Of course, we didn’t learn much about Leonardo either so it’s always possible that he’s not doing that great, but it’s obvious that Raphael and Donatello are kind of at odds with their kids, even if neither one appears to be that forceful about it, or even willing to speak up in Donatello’s case.

This kind of makes a person wonder though, what would Splinter be like? Would he still be alive and be the crusty old grandfather character? What about April and Casey? Would they be hitched with a few kids, or would they be divorced with kids and be kind of miserable? The angle that is being used for this idea might incorporate the worst of various characters and make it clear that things didn’t really turn out the way they wanted them to. If the turtles are being shown as kind of down in the dumps and average in their own lives, just imagine what those they interacted with are bound to be like. The Shredder would be a funny one to see since it’s likely in his old age that he would have to dump some of the hardware and his ninja skills might be a little rusty. Plus, would Krang still be in the picture? There are a lot of questions to ask for a simple idea like this, but the whole middle age portion of the Turtles’ lives would be funny to see since crime-fighting isn’t bound to be their biggest priority. It doesn’t appear to be a big priority for their kids either, and there’s a whole new batch of jokes to be made when it comes to the young ones that are seen in this clip. One of the most obvious would be the idea of their birth, since a lot of folks know that turtles come from eggs. Would their mothers have had them naturally (ouch, just the thought of it), or would there be a first-case ever of a human woman laying an actual egg? Hey, in the realm of cartoons there’s room for just about any bit of nonsense that a person wants to push.

It’s hard growing up sometimes and realizing that your favorite pop culture icons are getting old as well, but this kind of takes the cake so to speak since animated heroes don’t tend to age that often and when they do they somehow stay heroic without being forced to go through what life has to offer in the middle and advancing years. Maybe that’s why this is so funny, it keeps the turtles grounded in some type of reality.

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