You Kind of Have to See This Trailer for “Killer Sofa”

You Kind of Have to See This Trailer for “Killer Sofa”

John Squires from Bloody Disgusting has come up with a new way to die and it’s supposedly one of the most comfortable ways you could think about, unless of course you count the fact that you’re being devoured by a piece of furniture. A possessed recliner seems like a big swing and a possible miss when it comes to a movie plot but at the same time it might actually get peoples’ attention since surprisingly weirder things have happened and the movies that were inspired as a result did go on to become favorites of many fans. But this just seems as though it’s someone that sat down, got stoned, drunk, or both, and came up with an idea by pure luck. After all a piece of furniture that consumes or at least kills people is something that seems beyond far fetched and definitely the product of a mind that’s not in full touch with reality. But considering that this is what it takes to really create something that people haven’t seen before it might be that this movie will be lauded instead of ignored simply for the novelty of it. This is the kind of thing that society grew used to throughout the years when it came to horror since very few if any subjects have ever really been out of bounds when it comes to the movies.

Brian B. from MovieWeb takes it a bit further and goes so far as to say that this might actually put some people off of their bingeing habit since a lot of folks still love to Netflix n’ chill while others will do the same with other streaming networks on their days off or when they have an evening that allows it. After watching this you might not look at your furniture the same way again and the small, innocuous creaks and groans that come from a chair or a couch might be interpreted as something else to those that love to think that fiction could be real. How many couches and recliners do you think will be blessed at the behest of their owners after watching this movie? If one or more of them dissolve or somehow attack then it might be that this movie would have a much bigger basis in reality. Until then however people might look at their sofas a little different after watching this movie but rest assured unless it opens up wide to swallow you whole then you’re in the clear.

It’s honestly kind of hard to say anything about this movie without sounding entirely sarcastic, as Josh Millican from Dread Central might agree, since it doesn’t seem to be one of those movies that takes itself that seriously while at the same time wanting to be a movie that others take seriously. That may or may not make much sense but then again neither does the premise. One might be able to say that someone is scraping the bottom of the barrel for this one and came up with something that was wholly unexpected but somehow became an idea that would creep a lot of people out while at the same time making them laugh uproariously at the idea. From the trailer though it doesn’t appear that the recliner is completely immobile and dependent on someone just sitting down, but can get up of its own accord and move about. That makes it a little more creepy and definitely more difficult to think about in terms of being too campy and just way too out of left field to find worthwhile. A piece of furniture that can move of its own accord since it’s been possessed by a demonic spirit would be kind of an issue since it has the perfect camouflage and no one is going to be likely to suspect their recliner or sofa of being a murderous creature that kills because it’s possessive of its owner.

It might be that people will start looking at their furniture in a new light but it’s just as likely that this movie will be relegated to B status since it does kind of seem like something you’d see in the stacks of the old movie stores that might seem interesting when you’ve already rented everything. Back then such movies were considered classics or just something to watch when there wasn’t anything else on a rainy day. These days it’s something to watch because people want to see innovation and shock value that is going to knock their socks off and make them cheer for the slightly nostalgic feelings they might get as they recall the old campy horror movies that were somewhere along the same line as this one and didn’t really care since that’s what they were made for. It might be worth watching at least once.

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