How YIFY Became one of the Biggest Online Movie Pirates

How YIFY Became one of the Biggest Online Movie Pirates

How YIFY Became one of the Biggest Online Movie Pirates

If you understand the nature and science behind movie pirating then you’ll understand just how YIFY became one of the most notorious of the bunch back in 2010. The site started off pretty simply in fact and the creator didn’t think much of his practice up until his friends started taking note and made a bigger deal of it. By 2014 however YIFY had become one of the biggest online movie pirate sites around, and was a rather big deal. Whether you’re into the technical jargon behind it or not the truth of the matter is that the site was giving people access to pirated movies, which is still illegal if you check your facts. By 2017 Hollywood had filed a multi-million dollar lawsuit that was eventually settled out of court and effectively shut YIFY down. The amazing part of this company is how they were able to operate so freely up until just last year without anyone going after them for so long. Pirated movies are heavily frowned upon just about everywhere, but of course the trick is to catch the site and shut it down for good, which can be difficult if the programmers happen to have studied computer science and have a team of people that are on the ball and ready to move when it’s necessary to avoid detection.

It might sound a little more involved than it really was but YIFY did operate for a number of years before finally being shut down. The problems with online movie piracy however still persist, though at least one group is out of the business.

The pirates might not hurt the people at the top, but those that rely on the jobs that come from filmmaking tend to feel the pinch thanks to illegal downloads.

The stars, directors, and those that make the massive amounts of money are not always the only ones impacted. A lot of times they can take it since over the years a lot of them have amassed a great enough fortune to take the kind of losses that movie piracy can bring about. But those workers that rely on the jobs that the pirated movies provide, the people that are depending on the trickle-down effect from the movies, are impacted a lot more thanks to the actions of Illegal downloads and how they impact the overall profit of a film. Those that are working for minimum wage or not making nearly as much per paycheck depend on the revenue generated by films to survive, so in truth piracy isn’t hurting the bigwigs that much, but it’s certainly not doing the average worker any good.

People are actually condoning the act of piracy that still goes on in this manner.

There are a number of arguments for and against the act of piracy when it comes to movies. One argument for it is that the price of movies is simply insane. The cost of going to the theater, with concessions, is enough to feed a family for a day or two, and the cost of a movie on the store shelf is enough to buy a small sack of groceries if you’re careful with your spending. The price of movies has become increasingly higher throughout the years and thus finding them at a cheaper price is easy to understand, though it does come with a greater amount of risk. However the acceptance of such acts once again only hurts those that really need the paycheck and promotes a sense of lawlessness without consequence in a society that already has enough to worry about when it comes to people flouting or overtly breaking the laws that hold the country together. It’s been said in the past that sometimes doing the wrong thing for the right reasons is better than doing the right thing for the wrong reasons, but in this case there’s no splitting hairs and there’s no real justification other than the convenience that people desire and don’t always get. It does take a while for movies to cost less but at the same time there is so much else to watch, and there are many other things a person can do with their time while waiting for their favorite movies to come out on TV.

Movie piracy is not a harmless crime really, no matter the fact that it’s not all about murder, mayhem, or outright hatred towards others in any form. It’s an attack upon the financial well-being of individuals that have done nothing to deserve the pinch that will come when the profits are tallied up and found wanting on occasion, and worse than anything is that it’s someone’s attempt to buck the system to make a little money and show the big corporations that they don’t have to follow the rules. That’s great and all, but at the same time it’s a huge risk that could ruin a lot of people’s lives.

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