Yes, The Thundercats Movie is Happening

Yes, The Thundercats Movie is Happening

Yes, The Thundercats Movie is Happening

People are either really excited for this or really apprehensive since the idea of bringing the Thundercats back to the mainstream has been in play for a while now, but nothing solid has ever come from it since nothing has ever been seen as great as the original animated series, and even that’s been eviscerated by some folks. For those that don’t know, which is saddening, to say the least, the Thundercats are a race of human/cat hybrid aliens that come from the planet Thundera, a dying world that they have to flee in order to survive. What happens to the rest of the inhabitants of the world is something that doesn’t get a lot of focus since the animated series kept up with the story that the seven survivors that reached another world were the main focus of the story. The plan is to use a hybrid of CG and live-action to complete the story, which is likely what’s giving some people anxiety since they have no idea whether it’s going to be great or if it’s going to be absolutely horrible since any attempt to bring the Thundercats back since their original run hasn’t really gone that well. But the excitement is still there since the group has been one of those that has managed to remain within the annals of pop culture to this day and are fun to see whenever they do manage to show up since it’s not just a part of a lot of peoples’ childhood, but it’s also a fun and engaging idea that, if treated properly, could come off as an interesting and possibly very interesting movie. 

There’s not much that’s known about the movie at the moment other than the fact that the idea is being pushed forward, so there’s no way to tell when it might start production or when it will be released. There isn’t even a way to figure out who might play which character at this point since the news of this is still circulating. But you can easily assume that people are going to make educated guesses to be certain. One choice for Lion-O appears to be Jason Momoa, which could make a lot of sense, while Panthro might be best represented by Wesley Snipes. Garrett Hedlund might make a good Tygra, while some think that someone like Alexandra Daddario could play Cheetara. Wiley-Kit and Wiley-Kat, and Snarf, might be a little more difficult to cast, but one also has to take into account that Jaga, the spirit that leads the Thundercats initially, would be a good character to keep hold of. Apart from that, it’s hard to say if any other Thunderan’s would be added into the mix since over the course of the show they were added in, but they weren’t always kept around for various reasons. Casting for Mumm-Ra and the others would be just as necessary but it’s hard to say just what would happen and how this movie will go. 

It’s a big hope that’s shared by a lot of people that it will turn out to be nothing less than awesome since the idea is something that’s stayed with a lot of us from our childhood until now. There have been quite a few attempts at making movies out of old ideas and while some of them have been successful, others have been best left in the past and forgotten thanks to some serious mishandling of characters or the situations they’ve been placed in. The Thundercats movie is one that really needs a lot of attention to detail and a very well-thought-out plot in order to keep it from becoming too corny. Pleasing the fans is going to be kind of tough on this one without any doubt since some fans might want the director to stick to the basics and go along with the story that was laid down for the animated version, but the director has already stated that he intends to push a different idea that will take the movie in another direction. Hopefully this doesn’t mean changing things up to the point that the main idea will be lost amid the director’s vision, but it doesn’t sound as though this might be the case, at least for now. There’s no doubt that a few things are going to have to change in order to really make this movie stand out the way it needs to in order to get the type of attention that’s desired, but the mere fact that it’s coming is great enough for a lot of fans that have been waiting for this day and are primed and ready to see the Thundercats take the big screen if that is in fact the plan. Of course, even if they went to streaming that would still be awesome. 

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