XO, Kitty: It Is Okay for Kitty to Outgrow Dae

XO, Kitty: It Is Okay for Kitty to Outgrow Dae
XO, Kitty: It Is Okay for Kitty to Outgrow Dae

XO, Kitty the latest instalment in the To All the Boys franchise, follows the experiences of Kitty Song Covey as she migrates to a new country for school and love- of her mother and boyfriend. But this journey halfway across the world results in things she did expect, Kitty evolves and learns to become a different person. To survive in this new world in which she thrust herself, she came across lessons that changed her life, and this included outgrowing her boyfriend, Dae. 

Through all the ups and downs of Xo, Kitty, it is understand able why Kitty would outgrow Dae. Her personal growth in XO, Kitty is a testament to the human experience of constantly evolving and learning through life. Her journey towards self-discovery and independence led her to outgrow not only her adolescent self but eventually the relationship that defined it. While leaving behind a loved one can be difficult, Kitty’s realization that sometimes outgrowing someone is necessary for both parties is another sign of how she had matured and grown. 

Why Did Kitty & Dae Break Up in XO, Kitty?

XO, Kitty: It Is Okay for Kitty to Outgrow Dae

Kitty and Dae broke up because she stopped loving him and had feelings for someone else. By the end of XO, Kitty, Kitty had said her goodbyes to everyone at the Korean Independent School of Seoul (KISS) and was on her way back home with fewer romantic relationships than she had left with. But one of the more significant things from the show is the end of Kitty and Dae’s relationship. Kitty moved to Korea to be closer to him but ended up outgrowing him, which inadvertently led to the end of their relationship.  

It could also be said that Kitty’s love for Dae fizzled out because of his betrayal of her trust. His fake relationship with Yuri appeared as though he was cheating on her and even when he came clean about it, the fact that he could not tell her why he was in a fake relationship, adding more to the betrayal. Her attraction to Yuri becomes stronger the more time they spend with each other where they reveal more facts about themselves, leading to them becoming closer. Ultimately, Kitty needs the space away from a relationship to fully come into the person she has grown into and is still growing to become while figuring out who she really is   

Kitty Had More Chemistry With Her Other Love Interests

XO, Kitty: It Is Okay for Kitty to Outgrow Dae

When Kitty moved to Korea for school, she only had one love interest and it was her boyfriend, Dae. As the story progresses this changes and we see Kitty develop romantic feelings for other people – two people in particular and they were Yuri and Min Ho. For the former, Kitty was the only one who had feelings and for the latter, the reverse is the case. 

This, however, did not impede the chemistry that Kitty had with each of them. In Min Ho’s case, spending the day making a Thanksgiving meal with him revealed that there could be more between them which was exacerbated by the dream he had about her. For Yuri, Kitty had the same kind of dream and the moment where they almost kissed had more chemistry than she and Dae had shared all season. 

Kitty and Dae Are Better Off As Friends

XO Kitty outgrow dae

When Kitty comes to the realization that she should not be in a relationship with Dae. He takes the breakup as best as he can and agrees to just be friends. In spite of their romantic past, their time together shows that they still value each other as friends and support systems. By remaining friends, they can celebrate each other’s successes and offer a listening ear when things get tough. The enduring bond between Kitty and Dae highlights the importance of maintaining healthy relationships, even if they don’t develop into romantic ones.

Ultimately, XO, Kitty shows that outgrowing a relationship is a normal occurrence and one way to ensure that there are still amicable feelings is by first being friends. When they break up, Kitty buttresses the fact that she will always love Dae and he will remain her first love and one of her closest friends. This is another way she showed the growth that she had experienced in the season. 

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