WWE Raw Gets 90’s Sitcom Intro Treatment And It’s Everything We Hoped For

wwe raw

Wrestling, in general, is hilarious. This is not to undermine it or anyone who likes it. It is also kinda awesome, too. It is a like a soap opera for dudes. And you cannot mention wrestling without mentioning WWE Raw, as it has been a huge part of the mainstream success of wrestling. But what you can do is imagine WWE Raw recast as a 90’s style sitcom, thanks to this awesome intro. Yes, it puts a whole different spin on the entire thing.

Here is the kicker when making anything into a cheesy 90’s era sitcom. First, you need generic, happy music. Next, you need to age the video, just to give it that authentic feel. Last, you need to find a good font and make sure you have some great shots of the characters that will work as their intros. If you can do that, you can make anything have a 90s sitcom intro. Even something as twisted as WWE Raw.

Also, the saxophone riff they have in this song is boss. You will find yourself humming it for the rest of day. Also, on a closing note, kind of makes you wonder what kind of audience an intro like this would bring to wrestling. Could be good for it and maybe they should really use it.

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