Would Zac Efron Be a Better Kyle Rayner or Wolverine?

Would Zac Efron Be a Better Kyle Rayner or Wolverine?

Would Zac Efron Be a Better Kyle Rayner or Wolverine?

The DCEU has tasted success lately and has been kicking it into a higher gear in order to make things keep clicking and possibly retool some of their earlier attempts so as to shore up the failures that have already come along and cut away some of the dead weight. No offense to Ryan Reynolds, especially after becoming the iconic Deadpool, but he was never really cut out to be the next Hal Jordan and it showed. But think that Zac Efron might be able to take up the mantle of Kyle Rayner and become another Green Lantern in Green Lantern Corps is something that a lot of people seem to want to see, or can at least imagine. It does seem that he’d make a better Kyle Rayner than the next Wolverine.

Why would I say that? Well, that’s pretty simple. While Efron is in great shape and could play either character as far as his physique goes, he’s still got too much of the frat-boy look that served him so well in Neighbors and doesn’t have the dark and somewhat troubled mien that Wolverine is known for. As part of the Green Lantern Corps he seems like he could loosen up a bit more and have a bit of fun with the role, while as Wolverine he might get blasted by the critics and the fans alike. He does have the height to play Logan, but at the same time he just doesn’t seem to have the necessary attitude that could make him turn dark and foreboding as the famed mutant has been seen to be at times. Think of it, when Jackman took on the role he was perfect, dark and brooding in every way he could be. Efron has never really perfected such a look.

Plus, if you read up on Kyle Rayner you’d get the impression that Efron would be able to nail down a character that’s had a troubled life but is still fairly upbeat and hopeful in a way. While Logan has also had a troubled life he’s usually anything but hopeful and continues to brood a lot. Kyle Rayner on the other hand has been more of a positive character throughout his run despite his difficulties. Efron is the kind of guy you almost expect to be charismatic, entertaining, and in many ways leaning towards a more positive role, or at least one that seems like he’d have more fun instead of being entirely serious all the time. If anyone’s read a Wolverine comic, and many have by now, then they’d realize that the hero is someone that doesn’t always get to have a happy or even-tempered disposition, whereas Kyle Rayner is a team player that has been a little more endearing to those he works with.

Another reason why it would be better to see Efron as a Green Lantern is that as an X-Man he just doesn’t seem the type unless he was cast as someone else that had the kind of attitude and disposition that he usually brings to the screen, such as Iceman or any other mutant that has a cavalier attitude about life. As Rayner though he would definitely be a good fit since he has the look and the ability to act like someone that’s willing to work with other people and learn as he goes.

People have been waiting for another attempt at a Green Lantern movie since the last one flopped so horribly. It had a chance to be something great but it definitely tripped right out of the blocks. It might be a good long while before Green Lantern Corps comes though, possibly by 2022. Right now the DCEU is thinking more about movies like The Trench, Aquaman 2, The Batman, and the next Wonder Woman film. The DC universe is on a roll right now and Green Lantern is unfortunately not a huge priority as they retool and release some of their big money-makers and attempt to bring everything back in line. With the growing list of people that have played Batman and fizzled out it’s kind of hard to see how that particular heavy-hitter is going to work out, but eventually Green Lantern is going to get his turn to shine again, though whether or not it will be Zac or someone else behind the mask is yet to be seen.

But to answer the question of where Efron would fit in better, it seems undoubtedly clear that he’d be better off being the next Green Lantern than the next X-Man. If nothing else would decide this it’s the fact that as a superhero character he has a much more pleasing disposition and less of a tendency to really brood in a convincing manner. Plus, Scott Eastwood seems like he’d be a much better Wolverine.

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