Workaholics 4.02 Review: “Fry Guys”


Ah, I’m so happy it’s finally Workaholics Wednesday.  With the Super Bowl coming up this weekend, my other weekly comedy, Brooklyn Nine-Nine is temporarily pushed until Sunday night.  Last week’s season premiere was a funny opener that brought the guys back in style and covered the currently popular topic of the EDM culture.  I’m still laughing about their outfits, hah. Last night’s episode, titled “Fry Guys,” took Adam, Blake, and Anders’ destructively hilarious antics to a new level.

The episode opens up with Blake screaming in the backyard where Adam and Ders rush out to find him fully clothed and in the pool giving mouth to mouth to a koi fish along with a bunch of other belly up koi fish that he rescued from his favorite, but now closing P.F. Changs (no P.F. did not die).  Blake ends up causing the deaths for the fish he was saving because their pool is loaded with chlorine… so they have to drain it and can’t save any of the fish, even Blake’s CPR didn’t work.  The opening was so funny; being random and unexpected, immediately throwing in great one-liners from all three of the guys.  They decide not to let the fish go to waste and treat the office to a fish fry lunch.

We are introduced to the episode’s main plot line when first in the office; everyone can see Alice clearly get broken up with which throws her into a horrible mood and against having the fish fry.  Blake freaks out and the guys decide that it is their job to set Alice up with a new guy in hopes of having the chlorine covered koi fish for lunch.  The interviews are funny to watch because apparently Blake, Adam, and Ders, “know what women want,” and don’t see it in any of the candidates until one late arrival comes in and ends up being the perfect candidate.

They take this guy to the bar where Alice is at; they have this elaborate plan that begins with Ders going in to annoy her, and then having their hired guy go in to pick her up.  It was funny how Blake was across the bar coaching this guy on how to pick Alice up.  She gets super creeped out by his straightforward pick up tactics, which are really Blake’s actions, and leaves the bar.

While this was all going on, Adam stayed behind to check Alice’s computer YouTube history, which includes The Lonely Island, cat videos, a lot of hockey fights, and drum solos, to see what she likes and how he can be the one to win her over with his romantic gestures like sleeping under her desk. Adam is really funny, I find his little actions and subtle lines to be really funny moments; in last week’s premiere it was how he did sit ups when talking with Ders.

So finally Alice arrives back at her office, but it turns out Ders walked back came back with her after the bar fiasco.  Alice, in her inebriated state, shortly develops a thing for Ders because he is a nice guy and says she wants him.  Ders of course takes the opportunity, but Adam is still under Alice’s desk, clearly not asleep, having his heart broken listening to all of this.  When Ders and Alice leave the office Adam’s shrieks of sadness are so funny. Then the next scene had me laughing when he roller skates out of the building, hitches a ride holding onto the Ders’ car bumper, and hits a bump taking a big fall.

When Adam calls out Ders they decide to settle their dispute with a shirtless battle in the chlorine coated koi fish grave out back, but of course are more focused on where to place the lighting so it best shows off their abs.  The fight is pretty balanced but ends up with both of them becoming covered in rotten koi fish guts that cause them to throw up profusely. Grossly funny.  Blake comes out with the guy he’s still trying to set Alice up with and they decide to go to her house to settle this.  Alice is rocking away at the drums and is pretty angry to see them again. When they explain that they are doing this all just to get approval for the fish fry, she agrees to let them do it.  In the episodes closing moments when they return to the office to begin their glorious koi fish fry, the fish are missing because Montez threw them all out… and their efforts were for nothing.

Tonight’s episode was another step in the right direction for Workaholics.  Although “Fry Guys” was still not anything top tier, it was only episode two and provided a ton of laughs.  These guys are really creative and can make all of the characters funny, like Alice, or even Montez, in last night’s episode.

Favorite Moments

  • The nicknames for the koi fish all night were funny; Gilly Nelson, Fish, or Fin Diesel, Rob Koiddry.
  • Like I mentioned earlier, Adam has his great on- liners. Tonight my favorites were;
  1. “I bet it feels a little different, to like, have human beings die and stuff.”
  2. “He’s basically like a roided out version of me, and I’m not roided out Jillian, I’m roided innnn.”
  3. And,“ Cause I’m like, A FUNNY DUDE, I AM FUNNY JILLIAN”
  • Timberlake? Adam is, like, only two inches shorter than that guy.

What did everyone think of Workaholics last night? What were your favorite moments?

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