Wonder Woman 3 and Five Possible DC Villains That Can Appear

Wonder Woman 3 and Five Possible DC Villains That Can Appear

Wonder Woman 3 and Five Possible DC Villains That Can Appear

Wonder Woman 1984 will be released in the summer, which means Wonder Woman 3 won’t be released for a while. Should we be worried? Probably not, but director Patty Jenkins has stated that the third film will take longer to be released than the second film. However, she did confirm that the plot of the third film is still being mapped out and it will take place in the modern day. It’s not a lot of information to go on, but it makes me wonder about certain things. This includes the number of villains that will appear in the film and which ones Diana will face. Whenever a superhero movie is announced, I always wonder who the villain will be, because without a villain, the hero has nothing to do.

Wonder Woman 3 being set in the modern age gives many DC villains the opportunity to make their big-screen debut. Wonder Woman is known for having a colorful and honestly very strange rogues gallery and those kind of villains are fun to play with. Her rogues gallery is also kind of small, so I’ve narrowed down the small selection to a smaller few that would serve as a great threat to Diana in her third movie.

Straighten your tiaras and take out your lassos, Wonder Woman fans, because it’s time to go over the five DC villains that can appear in Wonder Woman 3.

5. Hades

Anyone remember watching the animated Hercules movie? The bad guy was the comedic, but scheming god of the underworld known as Hades. He was a conniving villain in that movie, but in DC comics, he’s an occasional adversary and sometimes-ally to Diana. Yes, Diana already had to contend with Ares, who was another Greek god relative of hers, but Hades is steps above him. He’s the brother of Zeus, which makes him Diana’s uncle, therefore making him a personal villain. What separates him from Ares is that he rules the underworld and has direct control over the dead. The relationship between him and Diana can be explored in a number of ways in Wonder Woman 3. Mentor or enemy, just seeing him on screen would be a blast to see.

4. Circe

If Diana is tired of fighting gods, then she can try her luck with evil sorcerers. Actually, I think sorceress is the more accurate title for this longtime Wonder Woman villain. Her name is Circe, and like Hades, she is a loose interpretation of her Greek mythological counterpart. In the famous tale of The Odyssey, she turns most of Odysseus’ men into swine. In DC comics, she is one of Wonder Woman’s greatest enemies. Her magical powers are on a goddess level and if that’s not threatening enough, she just so happens to be immortal. Her inclusion in Wonder Woman 3 would mean very bad news for Diana.

A sorceress that looks like a witch would stick out like a sore thumb in the modern age, but her disguise as lawyer Donna Milton can fix this. This ruse would allow her to get close to Diana in order to kill her when she least expects it. She may not be a god like Ares, but she’s just as powerful, so a fight between her and Diana would be extremely epic.

3. Giganta

Giganta is an enemy that can’t be a main antagonist, but she can be the ultimate physical threat for Diana. She is always portrayed as a violent strongwoman with the ability to transform into a literal giantess. The might sound like every man’s fantasy until you learn about her backstory. Before she became Giganta, she was an ape. Yes, it sounds very very weird, but that’s because it is. As an ape, she was experimented on by a mad scientist and later mutated into a red-haired strongwoman with a knack for smashing things. She later encountered Wonder Woman and the two had a ongoing rivalry ever since.

Giganta is a odd villain, but she’s the kind of bizarre villains Wonder Woman fights. She’s not prominent enough to be the main villain in Wonder Woman 3, but she would be the perfect henchwoman. In the comics, she’s usually loyal, as long as she gets the chance to smash Wonder Woman. We probably won’t see her in her famous leopard skin two-piece loincloth (lame) but her hulking presence would dominate the big-screen. Diana needs more physical baddies to challenge her and Giganta fits that giant-sized bill perfectly.

2. Doctor Psycho

If you’re a fan of the animated Harley Quinn show, then you’re familiar with this angry, mind-controlling dwarf. Edgar Cizko, or Doctor Psycho, is portrayed as a psychotic telepath with an intense misogynistic hatred for women. This is shown in a more comedic fashion in the Harley Quinn show, but in the comics, he’s anything but funny. When he first debuted, he was a violent occultist, but later evolved into a powerful telepath who delighted in traumatizing his victims. His status as a ruthless misogynistic supervillain made him a longtime recurring foe of Wonder Woman.

His appearance in the Wonder Woman: Earth One graphic novel would make for an ideal version to appear in Wonder Woman 3. That version portrays him as a much more realistic character, acting as a pick-up artist named Dr. Leon Zeiko. He wasn’t an all-powerful god or sorcerer, but was the perfect kind of manipulator. He gets inside Diana’s head and messes with her mind to the point where she questions her mission. This is the kind of Doctor Psycho we need to see in future Wonder Woman movies. Let’s not forget he’s an evil misogynist, the kind of villain Wonder Woman was meant to fight against.

1. Veronica Cale

Veronica Cale is the exact kind of villain that would work for Wonder Woman in the modern age. The most interesting thing about her is that she is nothing like her other foes, mostly because she’s literally powerless. Just imagine her as a Lex Luthor, but she’s a woman. That sounds a little too blunt, but that’s exactly what she is. She’s got the wealth, resources, and intelligence to be Lex Luthor’s twisted female version and that makes her extremely dangerous to Wonder Woman.

Their enmity goes very deep, as Cale despises Wonder Woman for becoming a paragon for feminism without truly earning it. Although she is by definition a criminal, Cale got to where she was through hard work. This rivalry closely mirrors the motivation behind Lex Luthor’s hatred of Superman. Much like Lex, Cale believes Wonder Woman doesn’t deserve the love she receives from the public and wants to expose her for the “villain” she really is. This is the kind of rivalry we need to see in Wonder Woman 3. Wonder Woman fighting a very human villain with a relatable motivation would separate her from previous villains, making it unique.

Oh, and let’s face it, the DCEU’s Lex Luthor has failed to impress fans. Introducing Veronica Cale to the DCEU would fill that void that really needs to be filled.

Final Thoughts:

These are the five villains that Patty Jenkins should consider for Wonder Woman 3. Wonder Woman’s rogues gallery is fairly small, so the choice shouldn’t be too hard, but we can trust Jenkins to pick the right one.

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