Five Great Movie Scenes Where Gorillas are the Stars

Five Great Movie Scenes Where Gorillas are the Stars

Five Great Movie Scenes Where Gorillas are the Stars

Gorillas in movie go back a long, long ways in cinema history. They’ve been a subject of interest for so long in fact that it’s still a wonder why so few movies want to get them right. Well, not so much a wonder really since gorillas are very majestic in their way and they’re also extremely powerful in relation to human beings. Seeing them as mythical creatures in a way kind of ups their value as cinematic characters, and it also manages to draw a crowd. But one thing that is very clear about gorillas in cinema, they are almost always aggressive in some manner, but playful at times too.

They’re just about as complicated as humans, but in a very different way.

5. Trading Places

One thing you never do is egg a wild animal on. Their style of play is usually quite different than ours and can be a lot rougher. Plus they aren’t bound to understand mockery and could either ignore you or simply get upset. Now keep in mind this is a poor portrayal of apes within a movie setting, but it’s still funny enough to make this list since it just fits within the film so well.

4. Mighty Joe Young

Any gorilla that stars in a big movie has a chance of becoming something other than what the typical species is like in the real world. Joe is simply big, but he’s also a very big kid in many ways since he likes to play hide and seek. But he’s also very caring of those that he grows close to. This kind of proves that despite being wild animals, gorillas are still able to be quite social with those that treat them with respect. You know, despite being a fictional story.

3. Gorillas in the Mist

Diane Fossey wanted to study gorillas and she got her wish, but along the way she had a lot of hardship to deal with as well. Poachers and those that thought her efforts weren’t worthwhile were huge roadblocks to her studies, but the gorillas themselves were perhaps the biggest challenge since getting them to accept her was something that took a lot of trust as well as a lot of effort on her part.

2. Rampage

It’s probably been a long time since a lot of people played Rampage, but now that it’s coming out on the big screen there might be more of a call for it now just for the sake of nostalgia. How they managed to make a movie out of a game that didn’t have much in the way of a plot other than to cause destruction isn’t too hard to figure. Monsters on the loose in a major city seems like a big draw for any movie.

1. Kong: Skull Island

Humans don’t understand why monsters attack, and yet they don’t even bother to look at their own actions before asking why. How would you feel if someone was dropping bombs on your home and running the risk of waking up the very creatures that annihilated your family? A lot of people might stand with Kong on this one, leave well enough alone and savor the mystery.

Gorilla’s are perhaps one of the greatest models for movie monsters ever created.

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