Bill and Ted 3 Coloring Pages Will Help with Quarantine Boredom

One might have thought that when we last saw Bill and Ted that they’d managed to set their world right and things were going to end up just fine, but obviously with the new movie set to come out eventually that’s not the case since it sounds like the duo will be helped by their daughters as well as a new bunch of historical figures. To commemorate this event, Orion Pictures has released several coloring pages that will hopefully get people in the mood and give them something to do with the boredom of quarantine still hanging over their heads. As B. Alan Orange of MovieWeb states, the coloring pages are to promote the movie and also help lift people’s spirits a bit during these trying times. If there’s one thing that Bill and Ted are definitely good for it’s trying to help people out and having a good time, so it might be at least a little helpful to brush up on the movies and remember just why they’re worth the effort. Plus, with this new movie coming out it’s already been established that the story isn’t really any different, apart from Rufus not being around since George Carlin passed away some time ago. Things will be kicking off in a new way though to entertain the audience and the Wyld Stallyns will have to find a way to right their future so that they don’t end up ruining a possible utopia where people are actually decent to one another and humans are actually excellent to each other.

Obviously the iconic phone booth is going to be coming back and it’s also being used as another message to help during the lock down as there are plenty of people out there that would benefit from just a phone call and someone to talk to for a little bit. A lot of people are continually going on and on about human beings as social creatures and they’re not wrong. Humans are meant to be social for the most part since it’s a big part of how we get together, make a society, and basically continue the species. There are plenty of us that don’t care about getting together in big groups and could do without the whole social scene, but even introverts need company at some point since otherwise we tend to lose the idea of how to connect with other human beings and how to communicate with people in a big way. Nick Morgan of Forbes has more to say on this topic. The last thing that people need to do is forget how to talk to each other, since this tends to lead to isolation and a general mistrust of those that we don’t know and can’t really correspond with. Some might say that’s a problem in society as well where people actually do talk to each other, but isolation and humanity don’t always go hand in hand and as a result people are chomping at the bit right now to get out and experience some time with other people.

If more and more people could understand this lesson that would be amazing since getting people to simply be cordial to each other these days is something of a task and expecting them to be decent isn’t impossible but it is an iffy proposition since people tend to find just about any and every reason they can not to get along these days. But being decent in a time like this is important largely because it shows that a person can push past their own limitations and find a way to be calm and reasonable and even altruistic if they feel the need, but they can also choose to be the better version of themselves that others know them to be from time to time. It’s difficult to put on a smile and be good to people when the world doesn’t make sense, that much is true and it’s hard to push past when so many things appear to be going wrong. But in a tight spot a lot of people are bound to remind others that there’s always something to be grateful for and something that’s worth smiling about even if it’s not all that much. Focusing on the negatives doesn’t get us out of the mess after all, but holding onto the positives and building each other up can go a long way towards making life a little more bearable.

Hopefully we’ll get to see the new Bill and Ted movie at some point if the theaters open up again and hopefully it will be everything we’re hoping for since it’s been a long time coming and a lot of fans are waiting with baited anticipation. In the meantime it’s enough to remember that it’s important to be excellent to each other as the Wyld Stallyns say, and eventually we’ll get through these troubling times.

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