Wonder Bread Opposes DC Comics Over Wonder Woman Trademark

While it’s not an entirely common, there are instances when a name of a movie or character has a likeness to an existing product or brand.  To make sure there’s no infringement and to protect the name, the movie studios will file trademarks with the name so that brands can’t take advantage of branding their movies or characters with their products.   Brands also do the same thing so that the reverse can’t happen.  It looks like the word “Wonder” is causing a bit of headache this week.   Ahead of the new Wonder Woman movie, DC Comics has been shoring up its trademarks.

It registered the trademark “Wonder Woman” for the following goods and services, “Cookies, breakfast cereal, bubble gum, cake decorations made of candy, chewing gum, frozen confections, crackers, frozen yogurt, ice cream, pretzels, peanut butter confectionery chips, malt for food; soybean malt for food purposes; malt biscuits; sugar confectionery, namely, candy, candy bars, candy mints, candy coated and caramel popcorn, and candy decorations for cakes; edible decorations for cake; rice cakes; confectionery, namely, pastilles; pastries; biscuits and bread; coffee beverages with milk; cocoa beverages with milk, chocolate-based beverages, coffee and coffee-based beverages, cocoa and cocoa-based beverages; tea, namely, ginseng tea, black tea, green tea, oolong tea, barley and barley-leaf tea; meat tenderizers for household purposes; starch-based binding agents for ice-cream”

However Flowers Bakeries Brands LLC, the owners of the Wonder Break brand have appealed for a time extension to oppose the trademark.  I have absolutely no idea where this is headed but I love that we as viewers and consumers never really think about this stuff.   Just know that you might not see much Wonder Women marketing on Wonder Bread anytime soon.

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