Wizards DJ Plays Iggy Azalea After Nick Young’s Brick Shot

That the Los Angeles Lakers played the Washington Wizards in DC last night shouldn’t be of much consequence.  My guess is that the people who were watching this game were either Lakers fans or Wizards fans.  However, if you had a chance to catch the game on television, something pretty hilarious happened.  Nick Young, player for the Lakers and known as a pretty solid shooter, put up a shot that was absolutely atrocious.

“Brick” is actually the nice way of describing his miss.  The Wizards were all over this one.  Instead of just letting it go, the Wizards DJ started playing Iggy Azalea music.  For those who know, Nick Young and Iggy Azalea were once and item and actually engaged at one point.  However, after news of Nick Young’s infidelity their relationship came to an abrupt end with Azalea calling Young out online.

I don’t know the name of the Wizards DJ but he certainly gets a gold star from me and anyone else who thought this was funny.  If Azalea catches this online I’m guessing she’ll be retweeting it momentarily.  Check out the funny moment below:

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