Will We Ever See Another Conan the Barbarian Film with Arnold in It?

It’s been a long time now since a lot of us, fans and comic-lovers alike, have been wanting to see another Conan movie, and it would seem that the former governor and man that made Conan famous is eager to see a King Conan movie become a reality. There are a great many hurdles to overcome it would seem but the likelihood that we might see such a movie hasn’t dwindled to nothing just yet. So many fans have been clambering to see another Conan that some have even written scripts and done their best to get the attention of those in charge, but obviously the story is going to go in the direction that the producers and the writers decide.

One thing that many people seem to agree on is that Jason Momoa, great as he is, was not the right man to take up the legend of Conan, not now and perhaps not for a long time to come, if ever. To be honest he was great in terms of looks and ferocity, but the writers kind of fell down when it came to the movie as a well-written script. Upon looking at the old movies, Conan the Barbarian and Conan the Destroyer, you can honestly say that the script wasn’t much better when it’s viewed from this era, but don’t tell that to fans. Of course it was kind of campy back then as it is now, but the story of Conan is still something that many want to revere, and rightfully so, since the man’s origin is something that pulls at everyone, and his story is something that became legend throughout the years.

The only downfall of the movie might be this: the person that does the writing and the manner in which it’s put together could fall well short of what people are expecting. It needs to be remembered that too much success kind of took the edge from Conan’s character, was evidenced in the first movie that was narrated by none other than Mako, serving as Akiro, the wizard that helped Conan in the first place. Conan is best when he’s left to fight, to struggle, and to assert his dominance over others, though it would seem as though past scripts had him playing a more political game as he became an aged and wizened king, someone that didn’t lift a sword nearly as much and ruled from a throne, which is too unlike the famed barbarian to be believed. One can only hope that if this movie does get made then it becomes something that will cling to the roots of the character rather than the idealized version of King Conan.

Everyone has their own vision, but if a person is wise then they’ll at least try to sort out their vision and make sure that it coincides with what people want, or they might end up making another movie like the ill-fated one that Momoa starred in. That would be a rather disastrous end to an epic that decades ago became something that so many people sought to cling to. Conan became synonymous with what it meant to be a warrior, a true savage that had honor but at the same time wouldn’t hesitate to throw down when a challenge came along. In other words, Conan was the protagonist we wanted because he wasn’t afraid to get his hands dirty, and he wouldn’t back down unless there was no other choice.

As of now Arnold Schwarzenegger, the man that made the legend, is fully on board with the idea and wants to see it get pushed through. The idea of Conan being disgusted by sitting on his throne and doing nothing is brilliant, and the fact that something will happen to take him off his throne and go adventuring again is something that fans are howling for, so it’s time to get moving with it. The idea of Conan going on one last adventure would be something that many fans would love to see, and hopefully it would be something of a grand adventure that would conclude in an epic manner, as this is the only way to end a legend that has been so revered for so long.

Who’s going to pick up the rights though is still a question. It would seem that Amazon Prime wanted to bring a Conan series to light, but according to Schwarzenegger this won’t be happening. He did seem willing to see the potential in bringing a new Conan film to Netflix it sounds like, and wouldn’t that just drive the fans to a fervor as they counted the days until it finally came around. People want to see Conan for one last time, they want the legend to go out in grand style, not sitting on his throne as a gray old man. But that, is another story.

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