Will We Ever See a Big Trouble in Little China 2?

Will We Ever See a Big Trouble in Little China 2?

Will We Ever See a Big Trouble in Little China 2?

There are most definitely movies that many people would rather see left alone since while they might not have been popular in their own time, they’ve been deemed classics over time by the fans that have finally come around or have realized just what a treasure they are. Big Trouble in Little China doesn’t start out as much since all it really shows is Jack Burton, played by Kurt Russell, talking in a cocky manner and driving his truck way too fast down treacherous roads. But believe it or not, people actually like that, and the cocky nature of Burton comes off as kind of an irritant to some, but it gives Jack’s personality right out of the gate and makes it known that while he’s not a bad guy, he’s definitely not someone that would be comfortable in polite company. People like thought however since a lot of folks, if they’re being honest, could see themselves sitting down with ol’ Jack Burton and putting away a few bottles of suds and just talking about the way things used to be or how they are.

But there are a few reasons why it would be best not to see a sequel, as there was a rumor that Dwayne Johnson was firing up to produce a sequel to this movie that he might star in. People actually cringed at that prospect even though Johnson is a well-known action star. Why would they do that you ask? The answer is pretty simple, Kurt Russell IS Jack Burton, meaning that he became the character in such a way that trying to replace him wouldn’t even be a consideration that the fans would want to hear about. It was stated that Johnson didn’t want to replace Russell, but seeing as how Russell is getting up there in years it’s fair to say that a lot of his action days are behind him at this point.

Here’s one reason why the movie shouldn’t happen. It would likely require a whole new cast, and if not, then it would require a lot of additional members. It’s great to think that a lot of the cast members would come back if they’re still around or have nothing better to do, but one has to wonder how many of them are still able to get up and get going as easily as they used to. Getting used to an entirely different cast under the same title would have a lot of people curious, but would likely turn off a good number of fans that remember the original and didn’t want to see it revisited in such a manner. One could argue that the original movie left an opening for a sequel, but if it hasn’t happened by now, then it probably shouldn’t. Another reason why it shouldn’t happen is that this movie was pretty unique when it came out in that it blended action, humor, and elements of the martial arts that came together in a way that doesn’t happen all that often. Trying to recapture that same magic doesn’t feel like a good idea, since unless the project was graced with a great deal of luck, it likely wouldn’t come off the same way.

Lo Pan and his minions were also perfect when it came to bad guys since they had a definite blend of humor and danger about them that’s hard to come up at times. This movie was corny, cheesy, and had a lot of potential that was placed in the humor and the action that did occur, but despite all that, it was great in a way that defies an easy explanation given that it took so many different elements and blended them so perfectly into one movie that was hard to stop watching. Given an update, it would be awesome to see, but it doesn’t feel likely that it would be given the same type of feel that John Carpenter managed so many years ago. Some might want to say that it’s all a matter of perspective and that it doesn’t matter who’s at the helm so long as the movie is crafted in the same way. Those folks might not know that much about what it takes to really get the audience’s attention and keep it, unfortunately.

The general consensus is that if this movie is going to get a sequel, not a remake, then it’s not going to happen anytime soon. What that means though is that by the time it does happen, several of the actors might have passed away or grown too old to take part in the sequel as many would like to see. This is one of the only problems when it comes to letting too much time pass, by the time the idea is ready to be realized, everything changes, and the idea has to evolve again.

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