Will Hercules Be Heading to the Avengers?

Will Hercules Be Heading to the Avengers?

Will Hercules Be Heading to the Avengers?

It was only a matter of time, right? Hercules had to be coming to the MCU eventually, yeah? Well, it would appear that he’s here now and is on a collision course for Thor, if the most recent movie is to be believed, and it’s fair to think that the battle to come is going to be all kinds of epic or just a footnote in the MCU. It’s tough to say since a lot of moments that people thought were bound to be world-breaking have become impressive, but on a scale, that means it’s a few steps above average at best. Many people still have faith that the MCU will keep delivering what people want to see, and it’s heart-warming to notice this. Still, there have been times as of late when it feels as though interest in the franchise is starting to wane a bit, or perhaps it’s just a lull before the boom that will be lowered when the next phase and the one after that come rolling in. There are still plenty of heroes and villains to be unveiled, after all. 

Hercules is kind of an odd hero in the Marvel Universe. 

To be certain, he’s one of those people came to learn about during his time with the Avengers, and he became a likable character for a long time. But all the same, he’s been someone that has been muddled as well since his legend has been common knowledge among a lot of people over the years. Heroes such as Thor and a few others might not have been as recognized for a while save by those who know the old legends, but Hercules has been written about and spoken of for years on end. This is the type of hero that’s been featured in movies, TV shows, books, and other comics the world over. That’s why he might be what the MCU needs right now since, like it or not. The character does have a lot of clouts. 

He’s a versatile character. 

Most people might remember Hercules as a good guy for the most part, and he is without much doubt since most of what he’s done and how it’s been portrayed has been positive and has allowed him to exist as a hero to many. But in the comics, he’s also been a goofball at times or has at least come off that way since his exuberance when fighting evil makes him appear a bit dorky. Here is what a person would call Chaotic Good when it comes to his overall alignment since he has to do the right thing most times, and he’s been all about stamping out injustice and evil in the comics. But what he’ll be like in the movies is kind of hard to say since it would appear as though he’s being set on a collision course with another hero that’s usually bound to do the right thing no matter if there’s a bit of collateral damage that will be tallied later. 

One thing he isn’t is a leader. 

Fans can argue about this all they want, but despite the appearance that Dwayne Johnson put in during his own Hercules movie, this character has never been highlighted as much of a master tactician. In the Marvel Universe, he’s been a stout ally and a great Avenger at times when he’s in town and ready to fight the forces of evil. But one thing that Hercules has never been is a brilliant strategist since his typical line of attack includes smashing whatever is in his line of sight until its dust. To give him a little more credit, he does have an average intellect that allows him to understand what’s going on in the world, and thanks to his true immortality, he’s not a dunce and certainly not unaware of the passage of time and how things have changed. But in terms of being a drinking, partying, and hard-charging individual when it comes to battle, Hercules is the guy that is out in front taking the hits and giving as good as he gets. He’s not a thinker to be in the back making plans. 

His presence in the MCU could be a good thing. 

Right now old heroes are coming in, old heroes are finally being revealed, and the MCU is filling up quicker than ever before as the next phase continues to roll onward. But one has to wonder if Hercules is going to be the type of character that will be used to ground the next batch of heroes or if he’s going to be someone who will show up when he’s needed, instead of someone who’s there to stay. At this point, it’s tough to reason whether his continued presence would do much, or if it would be another distraction. Meh, let’s see what he can do. 

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