Will We Ever See “Knights of Sidonia” on TV Again?

Will We Ever See “Knights of Sidonia” on TV Again?

At this point it almost doesn’t look like we’ll be seeing Knights of Sidonia on TV again largely because the anime and the manga seem to be diverging a little too much to keep any continuity between the two. While it seems as though this happened with season 3 as well this time it could be too great of a gap for fans to accept. The Knights of Sidonia takes place far into the future after an alien race has overtaken the earth and ruined the solar system that humans call home. In this far-flung future humans are quite different and can live off of photosynthesis, while the upper echelon of humanity have found a way to make themselves immortal. Humans have found a way to combat the aliens despite the fact that their outer shells are extremely tough and nearly invulnerable to most attacks. It’s a tale of survival and of attempting to reclaim something that was lost so long ago that people have really locked onto, both the manga and the anime.

But as it goes with a lot of stories that make their way into film it’s likely that the two mediums will cease to agree at some point.

In movie form the story tends to outgrow the boundaries of the page.

It’s as true in anime as it is in any other pairing of book and film adaptation. The moment that the book or comic becomes a movie there will be more points of view that will be desired, different perceptions that need to be accounted for, and a different vision that will be allowed since all too often the creator of a story is not the one that will go on to direct it when it becomes a movie. In this vein the Knights of Sidonia was bound to become something very different than what it was in the manga, no matter that the desire is usually to keep things as close together as possible so as to keep the level of continuity where it needs to be. Fans can turn quickly on any series that doesn’t conform to what they’re used to.

Anime tends to move along just as quickly as anything else when it comes to film.

It used to be that favorites would be kept around for as long as they possibly could be, but in this day and age there’s so much out there begging to be developed that one can’t help but be bombarded by one show, one movie after another. While the Knights of Sidonia is an intriguing and very interesting story it’s still one of a dozen or more that might deserve to be continued, but the question is whether it will be profitable. Quality and the veracity of a story are no longer the measures of how likely it will be if a certain story is going to be pushed. It’s whether it can be used as a means to get people to pay attention and thus increase the revenue that will come from that show. The dollar signs are what matter to those that say yea or nay to a show coming back, and at this point it doesn’t seem as though the show is one that producers have a lot of faith in.

Netflix likes to cycle through shows from time to time

While it might not make sense to bring it back now, there’s always the thought that over a span of time it could finally become worth the effort and put back in the loop. Before that however the previous seasons might be run as a refresher to get people back on board and ready for a new season. It’s nothing to get excited about right now since nothing seems to be happening, but there’s always the hope that something will when you least expect it.

Knights of Sidonia is definitely a show that you have to watch to fully understand, but it seems as though it could be an idea that’s a little ahead of its time….maybe. One could argue that it seems a little more nostalgic in its ideas and perhaps even borrows a great deal from other anime and various shows that have come before. It wouldn’t be the first show to do so obviously and it won’t be the last. But perhaps the idea will catch on again eventually and begin to remind the fans of just how great the show is and how far the idea can really go if it’s allowed to expand. It would no doubt have to go beyond the manga at some point, but the great thing about that is that it could push the manga to new limits as well.

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