Will 10 Years of Work Pay off on The Curse of Oak Island Finale?

We can finally rest people.  All of the teases, speculation, and crazy narratives should end on the 2 hour finale of The Curse of Oak Island.   Will 10 years of work finally pay off for Rick and Marty Lagina?  That’s what the tagline is for the episode “Blood is Thicker.”   Viewers will finally get to see if all the blood and sweat, the $5 million spent this season, all of the myths, legends, Knights of Templar, Captain Kidd’s treasure, and everything else we’ve been speculating on will come true.

Actually we have no real clue if it’ll all come true because like our humble narrator this year, the show’s been a lot of talk but no real significant answers.  Will 2 hours be enough time for us to figure anything out?  Will there be some kind of cliffhanger leaving room for a season five?

We’ve already discussed that a season 5 might not happen simply due to the fact that Rick and Marty have to be away from their families for so long at a time.    One thing we do know is that the finale is promising a big reveal.  I’m sure you, like me, are very skeptical of what this “big reveal” is.  Could the Money Pit actually have you know, MONEY in it?  No matter what the reveal is I refuse to believe it’s actually treasure.  There’s just no way.

How much deeper can these guys dig?  How long can ratings stay high?  It’s driving us all crazy already!

Here’s a sneak peek at the episode:

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