Wild Cherry’s “Play that Funky Music White Boy” and Sly and the Family Stone’s “Thank You”

Maybe it’s because I never even heard Sly and the Family Stone’s “Thank you” before but come on Wild Cherry!  “Play that Funky Music White Boy” is a total rip off.  Sly’s song came out in 1969 and Wild Cherry’s came out in 1976.   I cannot find one lawsuit, not one complaint, nothing.  Am I completely missing something here?  Have I not researched it enough?  How could Sly and the Family Stone not be pissed off at this?  Trust me when I say music is ripped all the time and there are fine lines.  But this is no fine line at all.  This is blatant plagiarism.

P.S. here’s a video of both songs played back to back.   Someone please find me something on the infringement of this song.  It’s ridiculous.

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