Why You Should Be Watching The TRY Channel On YouTube

Why You Should Be Watching The TRY Channel On YouTube

Sometimes the best comedy isn’t found on the big screen, it’s found in the most unlikely of places where people actually put their sanity and their tastebuds on the line for the enjoyment of the viewers. The TRY Channel on YouTube is hands down one of the funniest bits that’s been running for the past few years and has managed to create some of the simplest yet most amusing videos on the internet. While some people might be amused by cats doing anything and everything and others are brought to laugh at the misfortune of others, the TRY Channel has come up with an idea that is pure gold since it involves a fair-sized group of people and a very simple but entertaining premise: trying foods, and drinks, from other countries.

The crew of this show is pretty well set though now and again it seems as though a new face pops in just for the heck of it. But the TRY group is hilarious given that most of their reactions seem absolutely real and are hard to fake given what they’re doing. In the video above six individuals are being sat down to try America’s strongest alcohol’s, which is debatable of course given that everyone has their own likes and dislikes. But the fact that a few of them are already hungover and the first liquor they start with is 50 proof kind of indicates that it’s not going to be a fun shoot. But they go through with it anyway and their reactions are priceless, not to mention hard to fake if you’ve ever taken shots of the hardest alcohol you can find. The whole stereotype about the Irish is that they’re all hard drinkers and can simply take it without much difficulty.

Well, that might be true of some people, but as you can see from the video, John and Kellie are having a bit of difficulty while Leather Jacket Guy (seriously that’s how he’s credited) and Ciara seem largely unaffected. That’s the beauty of this channel though, some of the folks simply don’t react and can get through each selection of whatever is put in front of them while others can’t handle it either because they don’t like it and are still doing it or don’t even want to try it. Perhaps one of the funniest bits is watching Dermot react to anything that has to do with peanut butter since he LOATHES peanut butter with a passion. Take a look.

In some ways it’s easy to feel sorry for these folks since they’re doing this for the pleasure of the audience and are trying to get new subscribers to join the channel, comment, and simply enjoy what they’re doing. But on the other hand they are signing up for it and do offer some amazingly hilarious commentary that might have you busting up within moments as you realize that there’s very little, if any dialogue that’s fully scripted and that they just let fly with whatever comes to mind. THAT’S comedy, the kind of stuff that just comes flying loose when someone reacts to the environment they’re in. These folks aren’t all as funny but a few among them have the type of personalities that are hard to stay away from, and the best part is that there’s an entire series of TRY videos that have been going on for several years now.

At one point this channel also hosted a Facts portion that was vaguely entertaining but didn’t last long, as Killian Woods of Fora explains that it wasn’t a good business model. The TRY aspect though, this is a perfect model as it’s simple, it’s funny, and it’s not just food and drink, but also TV shows, movies, and commercials that the cast are made to watch in an attempt to get their commentary, try not to laugh, or try not to cry depending on what they’re viewing. It might sound odd to be laughing at people on YouTube that are doing nothing more than offering commentary on the simplest of things, but truly the idea of them having to try one food after another that they’ve either never tried or know they can’t stand is funny since it’s worth seeing the reactions that come as a result. There have been videos in which the cast have had to eat foreign dishes that look like the most vile things imaginable, and others in which they’ve eaten every bite even after thinking that they were going to hate it.

The whole point is little more than comedy since the people that make up the show are simply a great crew that are able to turn a phrase or take a dish and comment on it in a dozen different ways that can get you rolling within seconds. And if you don’t find it funny? Well, maybe you need to check your sense of humor.

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