Why You Should be Watching Savage Builds on Discovery

Why You Should be Watching Savage Builds on Discovery

Savage Builds

Savage Builds is a new Discovery show centered on Adam Savage. Generally speaking, most people will be familiar with Savage because he was one of the two co-hosts of Mythbusters along with Jamie Hyneman. However, it should be mentioned that he has taken on other roles such as an actor as well as a special effects designer, which is why his work has been featured in everything from The Matrix Reloaded to Star Wars: Episode II – Attack of the Clones. In any case, it seems pretty safe to say that Savage possesses a fair amount of clout, which would explain how he has managed to secure a show in which he seems to have free rein to do whatever it is that he wants to do. Here are some of the main reasons why people might be interested in watching Savage Builds:

Adam Savage

For a lot of people, there is a high chance that Adam Savage is one of the reasons that they will be tuning in to Savage Builds. After all, while MythBusters couldn’t have succeeded without Hyneman as well as a wide range of other individuals, there can be no doubt about the fact that Savage was responsible for a good part of the show’s success. As a result, he has secured a great deal of goodwill from a lot of viewers out there, which should translate into at least some viewers for his new show. For that matter, this isn’t a bad way for interested individuals to check out the shows that they want to watch next. After all, if they know that they have enjoyed watching Savage on the TV screen in the past, they should have a higher chance of enjoying whatever it is that he is involved with now than most of the other TV shows that can be found out there.

His Projects

With that said, there can be no doubt about what it is that will be bringing in the bulk of interested individuals for Savage Builds, which is to say, the titular “builds” themselves. As stated earlier, Savage seems to have gotten considerable leeway on what he wants to build when it comes to his new show, with the result that they tend to be rather spectacular to say the least. Due to this, even if people aren’t particularly interested in either the science, the engineering, or the other technical aspects of the show, there is still the spectacle for them to look forward to.

For proof, consider the fact that Savage’s first project is an attempt to build a flying suit of armor like the Iron Man suit from Marvel Comics. On its own, this is pretty interesting to say the least. However, what is most impressive is that his efforts actually bore fruit. In short, what happened was that Savage and his team used 3D printing to make the various pieces of armor out of titanium. After which, they proceeded to attach the already existing jet suit from Gravity Industries onto it, with the result that the finished product has a main jet engine on the back plus a pair of smaller jet engines on the arms. Amazingly, the suit of armor is capable of flying even with the weight of a human wearing it. Moreover, it can support various kinds of motion such as hovering, moving forward, and changing directions, which are made possible by movements of the back as well as movements of the arms meant to point the jet engines in the right directions at the right times. Naturally, this means that Savage wasn’t the one who got into the suit because he lacked the necessary expertise and experience. However, the pilot candidate managed to make it clear that the suit was functional if perhaps not practical.

Besides this, Savage Builds is set to have a number of other interesting projects lined up for the future. For instance, it has been revealed that Savage and others have built Mad Max-inspired mechanical monsters out of junk cars as well as other scrap found in junkyards. Likewise, it has been revealed that they have worked on their own version of the Great Panjandrum, which was a somewhat well-known creation of the British in World War 2 that never saw real use because of its failure. In short, the British wanted to come up with something that could penetrate the concrete defenses of the Atlantic Wall that the Nazis had built in preparation for an Allied invasion of Nazi-occupied Europe. One of the proposed solutions was a huge cart carrying an immense load of explosives that would be propelled towards its destination from the sea by the use of rockets mounted on its wheels. While its final testing wasn’t quite the huge disaster that it could’ve been, it was nonetheless bad enough that it forced one individual to flee from the path of the runaway cart while the higher-ups who had been gathered to watch the trial had to duck for cover because of the explosives on the cart. Unsurprisingly, this resulted in the Great Panjandrum getting scraped, though that hasn’t stopped interested individuals from telling its story again and again. The rest of Savage’s projects haven’t been covered in great details. However, if they are as interesting as what have already been revealed, it seems safe to say that Savage Builds will offer plenty of fun and excitement.

His Friends

Finally, some people might be interested in checking out Savage Builds because of the other people who will be featured upon it. Savage is the main figure for the show, but he is teaming up with a wide range of his friends and other acquaintances for the episodes. Some of the people who have already been mentioned include both Peter Jackson and Tory Belleci, meaning that interested individuals might want to take note.

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