Why Do Fans Relate to Sex/Life So Much?

Why Do Fans Relate to Sex/Life So Much?
Why Do Fans Relate to Sex/Life So Much?

Credit: Sex/Life

Sex/Life on Netflix turned into a shocking hit. The show is going into its second season now, and fans who haven’t seen the show might want to tune in to see how that’s going for everyone. There are so many things to love about the show, the stellar cast at the forefront of that, but the story is one that might resonate with many women of a certain age. Even women not of a certain age might feel that there is a relatable connection to their own lives and their own marriages. What are we talking about? How does Sex/Life on Netflix resonate with women? Let’s find out.

Every Marriage Experiences Seasons

If you listen to the experts, they’ll tell you every marriage has ups and downs. They’ll tell you a good marriage is just two people who refuse to give up on one another. Many will tell you that marriage is sometimes in a season in which one spouse struggles with the other or vice versa. Sometimes, a couple might wonder why they’re together in the first place. Before you panic – it’s all right. It’s true. Every marriage goes through seasons – and none are the same. The everyday choice to love your spouse and see the good in them makes a marriage work.

But it is not uncommon for people to go through marriages a lot, like the one on Sex/Life on Netflix. Billie is a wife and a mom. She’s got little kids and a husband she loves but who is kind of boring, and she’s missing her old life. It does happen. Sometimes we sit back and miss who we were before we constantly cared for tiny people all the time. Billie, however, misses her wild and youthful days. She loves her husband, but she is exhausted. She’s living a Stepford wife’s nightmare. Honestly, she’s tired, she’s getting older, her marriage is not as exciting as it once was, and she’s so exhausted that she’s losing herself.

Why Do Fans Relate to Sex/Life So Much?

Credit: @sexlife

She’s Lost Herself in Life

What makes Billie so relatable to so many is that she lost a lot of herself in motherhood. She didn’t set aside enough time for herself, her marriage, and her own life. She’s too consumed with her babies and the things she finds kind of boring and suburban, and she falls into the trap so many women fall into. So, when she’s missing her fun self, she remembers her fun self from before her husband. She had a boyfriend with whom she was wild, free, and very sexually pleased, and she misses that. She’s not focusing on her marriage or her husband and the fact that she did fall in love with him. She’s not focusing on the fact that she should be talking to him about what she’s missing rather than forgetting that she chose this life for a reason, and she should focus on making it better.

It happens. Sadly, this is a leading cause of relationship issues, and Billie is living with a major relationship issue. She’s journaling about her sexual life with her ex at home, and her husband finds her journal. He is understandably hurt and upset, but rather than focusing on fixing her marriage and figuring out why she feels the way she feels, she reconnects with her ex. It’s a dark place.

Season Two Should be Good

For women who have gone through feeling lost or missing the women they were, this is a show that may be cathartic. Season two, though, might be more. We don’t know how it will go. What we do know – Spoiler Alert – is that Billie didn’t handle herself well. She chose to stay with her husband and keep her marriage intact, which is lovely. However, she also went to tell her ex in person while then telling him that she was still going to cheat on her husband with him.

Why Do Fans Relate to Sex/Life So Much?

Credit: Sex/Life

This is going to be a wild ride because it’s just not the way to handle it. However, that’s exactly what fans love about this show. This is a woman who is living so many relatable things (being a mom and a wife and living a life so different than she did in the past while feeling lost and unsure) but also making the absolute worst decisions. It’s entertainment through and through, and season two should be good. Sadly, we still don’t have a release date. The season’s been filmed and done for months. There were rumors Sex/Life on Netflix would release season two in September 2022, but it did not. We still don’t know, and fans are becoming impatient.

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