Why You Should Be Watching Ancient Skies on PBS

Ancient Skies

You don’t have to be a history buff or an astronomy aficionado in order to appreciate the television show Ancient Skies. There’s definitely something special about this show, and there’s nothing else like it on television. The miniseries is currently just 1 episode in, and the second episode for this season is scheduled to come out on July 31, 2019. There are a ton of options you can watch on television on any given day and at any given time, but we’re going to give you reasons why you should tune in to Ancient Skies on PBS instead.

1. CGI

This is a historical piece, so most people expect it to be a drab. On the contrary, PBS has done incredible work with using CGI to project images of landscapes and the cosmos as well. Even if you watch this show just to see these images, it would be well worth it already.

2. Miniseries

If you aren’t the type of person that could stick through several episodes and several seasons of a show, don’t fret. Ancient Skies is a miniseries, which means that the series is over before you know it. Ancient Skies has three parts to it. The first part aired on July 24; the second part airs on July 31. And the entire series is done by the third episode, which airs on August 7, 2019. The show doesn’t require much commitment at all.

3. Premise

The show is about the history of the cosmos. It will examine the skies as seen from the eyes of our ancestors, from different points in history. The cosmos and our views of it have certainly changed in the thousands of years that humanity has been around. It will feature the expertise of historians and scientists. It will talk about our evolving knowledge of the universe and where we stand in the vastness of it all.

4. Gods and Monsters

The first episode was called Gods and Monsters. The first episode alone is enough reason for anyone to watch the rest of the miniseries. Gods and Monsters was all about the birth of astronomy. The episode explores all the various ancient myths that exist about the idea of creation. Throughout the study of history, many of us know of a few ancient structures that were likely built in order to observe the skies. The first episode of Ancient Skies talked about places such as Stonehenge and the Great Pyramid of Giza. The first episode also touches upon what’s believed to be the first ever sky map ever drawn out–the Nebra sky disk.

5. Finding the Center

The second episode of the show will touch on the science and history of our solar system. It will talk about the history of common astronomical beliefs. The second episode of Ancient Skies will see the early Earth-centered model of the universe switch into a heliocentric model. We will hear about ideas from scientists such as Ptolemy, Copernicus, and Galilei. The show will talk about the invention of the telescope and what that brought to the study of the cosmos.

6. Our Place in the Universe

The third and final episode of the miniseries is called Our Place in the Universe. It will show the universe in a more modern context, closer to what we know now. The third episode will discuss new developments in the study of the cosmos and also touch upon beliefs that have been abandoned with the latest discoveries and technological developments. Our Place in the Universe will talk about where we stand now in comparison to where we stood in ancient times, and it will talk about how the universe has expanded since.

7. Are we alone?

There is still so much space left to explore; that much we know is true. The show will explore the possibility of life in space–intelligent or not. The more we learn about our universe, the more we realize how much little we actually know. There have been many developments in recent history when it comes to space exploration, and we’ve explored depths that we never thought would ever be possible. One reason to watch the show is to see what scientists are thinking about the possibility of life outside of Earth. Where do we stand now, and where are we headed in the future?

8. Technology

If you happen to be a tech buff, there’s still reason for you to watch the show. The advent of technological development is very much present in the study of the cosmos. The development of the telescope alone was considered the birth of modern astronomy, and that was thousands of years ago. Space technology has gone leaps and bounds since then. And if you want to see some cool and awesome technology, the show is a place to tune into. You’ll see plenty of technology from high-powered cameras to robots and more.

9. Education

If you simply want to learn something new or maybe relearn something you’ve forgotten, Ancient Skies is a good place to start. Even though the show only consists of three episodes, each one is packed with so much information and knowledge to be taken advantage of. If education is your endgame, Ancient Skies will not let you down.

10. Entertainment

PBS has always done well with presenting educational material in entertaining ways. Ancient Skies is really no different, except that the material is just fascinating this time around. You won’t only find yourself soaked in knowledge; you’ll also be extremely entertained. It’s definitely a good way to spend an evening in. Once you’ve seen the first episode, you’ll surely want to make sure that you’re tuned in for the rest.

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