Why Will and Grace is Ending After Its 3rd Reboot Season

After Season 8 of the original Will & Grace, there were more than a few sad fans around the world. The show had become a part of their lives. It was successful at bringing the conversation of homosexuality on TV into the mainstream and people of all sexual orientations loved it. That is why the television viewing world got a reprieve when the Reboot of Will and Grace was announced several years ago. It was even better than the original cast would be returning. With the sequel being every bit as good, funny, and real to the original, the hope was that it would stay on the air for many seasons to come. However, that simply is not to be. We now know that the Will and Grace will be ending after its current reboot season 3 in the Spring of 2020. That brings tears to many eyes, but there is still much to look forward to in the interim, and then there are always the syndicated shows that will stay with us for eternity. Let us take a brief look at why Will and Grace is ending after its 3rd reboot season.

The Rationale

Usually, the plug is pulled on a show because of low ratings. The studio will just cancel it. In the case of the Reboot version of Will and Grace, however, the show was wildly popular. In some respects, it was attracting more viewers than even the original version did because a whole new generation of Will and Grace fans were coming into the fold. That is why so many people were left scratching their heads when it was announced that this would indeed be the last season. For their part, NBC immediately came out and said that the decision was not theirs. We are left to truly believe that the showed would easily be renewed for seasons to come if NBC had its way. But, it was not meant to be.

We have now learned from Max Mutchnick and David Kohan, the creative geniuses behind Will and Grace, that the cast actually made the decision that it is time to put an end to the show. This is a similar sentiment to what we found with the end of Friends. The cast wanted to go out on top. When the original show ended after eight seasons, the feeling was that there was unfinished business to tend to. That is why it was perfect to see the reboot come into fruition. It was a wildly popular decision. After three more seasons, however, the cast feels that they are on the top of the mountain. If they were to go any higher, the feat is that it would start crashing down. They want to be remembered for the great comedic show that it is, so here we are faced with another great series coming to an end in a few short months.

In announcing this decision, it was great to note that Karen’s fascination with martinis was alluded to. Anybody who has watched the show for any length of time knows that she almost has one in her hand. For her, there is always one more to be drunk, until she has finally hit her peak, after which one more would bring her crashing down. This is exactly where the cast feels that the show is right now. To do one more season is OK. That would be the third season that is about to go on the air. To go any more than that could actually prove to be a disaster, and that is something that they definitely do not want.

What Can We Expect Now?

The good news is that we can expect the same great show moving into the third season of the reboot. Jack is married, Will is engaged, and Grace is pregnant but we are unsure of who the father is. That shows that there are quite a few storylines yet to untangle, so fans can look forward to an action packed and hilarious third season. All of these storylines are also fitting to the end of a great run. All three of the characters will naturally begin to go their separate ways. Karen is always there in the middle of things, so it will, of course, be wonderful to see how they portray her through all of these various changes. Surely there will be plenty of martinis right there in the middle of the mix.

One of the great things to note is that the cast is all on board for this last season. All four main characters are there and they are each committed to making this the best season yet. They want to see each of their respective characters wrapped up and tied with a nice a little bow. They, themselves, have eleven years of their professional lives tied up into this show, so they naturally want to see it come to a fitting end.


The third Reboot season of Will and Grace was actually supposed to start airing in 2020. Because of this latest announcement, however, NBC wanted to get a head start on it. You will find it on the air starting in late October. This will carry it through to the spring, so there are still several months left to enjoy this icon of a television show. People will surely be sad to see it go, but this is a show that will continue to be talked about for years to come. It was more than just entertainment. It sparked conversation. It dealt with serious issues that society needs to be talking about. This is what makes for great television. It is also not that often that four great main characters are willing to stay with one show for so long. Viewers feel like they are a part of their lives and have them grow up from the beginning to the end. This is going to be a bittersweet ending for sure.

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