Five Things You Didn’t Know About “My Little Life”

Five Things You Didn’t Know About “My Little Life”

We have seen our fair share of television series and specials that have aired on TLC showing the different lives of thousands of people all across the globe. It allows for viewers and audiences everywhere to get an inside look at issues and lifestyles that might seem taboo and even frightening or sad, and also gives others a better understanding of these lifestyles all the same. One of the newest series to come to the network is that of “My Little Life”, which follows the lives of little people as they battle life’s most difficult struggles and trials. In this article, we are going to reveal to you five things that you might not now about the new television series, and what you can expect when you tune in. Let’s get started.

Younger In Age

We have seen many different shows on TLC that have let us into the lives of other little people that live both in the nation as well as abroad. However, this time, “My Little Life” is specifically showing you the lives of younger little people who are trying to make their way into the world.

Daunting Struggles

The show itself, aside from just the everyday struggles they have to face physically from their size, also focuses on their coming of age issues that come with leading a new and independent life. This includes leaving the family to live on their own, finding love, and following their dreams.

Different Lifestyles

As we mentioned before, the show is following the lives of five different little people all across the nation, and they are all across the spectrum. In the show, you will meet a stay at home mom, a firefighter, and a few students who are all ready to show everyone what they’ve got.

Actually A Mini Series (As Of Now)

That’s right; “My Little Life” is actually somewhat to be considered a mini series (no pun intended), as it is only including six episodes in its first season when it premieres this spring. However, knowing the popularity of similar shows on TLC, we are sure they will get renewed for another season full of episodes soon.

Gives A Look At What Life Is Like

A lot of the time, when we see similar shows, we are focusing on just one family or one person that has to face the struggles of being a little person or little people. However, with “My Little Life”, we are focusing on five people, from all different areas of the nation, and it gives us a better glimpse at how their lives are being a little person in an average size world.

Although we have seen many of these similar types of shows throughout the years, we are sure that “My Little Life” is going to give one of the best first hand glimpses at the real lives of little people, and the struggles that they face with their family and in their neighborhoods. “My Little Life” is set to make its premiere on TLC on Tuesday, April 3rd. Make sure to set your DVR for this one.

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