Why We’ll Be Watching The Movie “Together Together”

Surrogacy is something that a lot of people have heard something about but might not know that much about since it is, for some folks, kind of an awkward deal. In Together Together it’s bound to get even more awkward when Matt, a middle-aged tech worker, asks Anna to be the surrogate for his child. There are a lot of rules that go into surrogacy and there are a lot of concessions that the soon to be parent and the surrogate mother have to agree on in order to make the best possible decisions for the child, but in the movie, it already looks as though Matt, who is single and simply wanting to have a family, is bound to end up finding Anna not only attractive but compatible with his life, even as it would appear that she’s not quite ready for this and only signed on to have the baby, not start a relationship. This is something that feels as though it would be an incredibly delicate situation that might not be the most ideal considering that it’s not someone one hears about all the time. Single fathers are not uncommon, but a single man having a woman in her 20s give birth to his child is still kind of awkward, to say the least. But as the trailer shows the two of them grow friendly over a period of time and while it’s not certain if they’re going to end up together near the end of the movie, it does become apparent that Matt would like Anna to be a part of his life in one regard or another.

This is the type of movie that a person is bound to need a box of tissues for if they happen to get weepy when sentiment is brought up, and it’s been a direction that Ed Helm has been leaning for a while since apart from his comedy chops he’s proven to be quite adept at drama as well. A movie concerning surrogacy and the possibility of being a single parent is something that might scare the living hell out of some people, and possibly vindicate the people that have had to do such a thing in the past since there are a lot of single parents out there. One thing that might be interesting to think about though is how many single fathers there are that take care of their children, which is something that we don’t tend to hear a lot about. As of 2020, the number of single fathers taking care of their children on their own was roughly 16 percent of all single-parent families, which is a likely reason that we don’t tend to hear about it that much, but if anyone is wanting to talk about being marginalized, a single father that does double duty as a parent and seeks to do the absolute best they can is someone that could easily top a lot of people when it comes to hardships. Single mothers are still to be celebrated and looked up to since any parent trying to raise their kids and get through life are superhuman in their way, but for the sake of this movie, the idea of being a single father with a child is something that might make a lot of guys sweat since some of us find that taking care of kids WITH a spouse can be difficult enough. But the very thought of trying to take on all of the parenting duties without any reprieve would be enough to break some guys.

It does appear that Ed Helm doesn’t really know what he’s getting into when it comes to the movie, but this would extend to the idea that he doesn’t know what’s going to happen when he and Anna start getting close despite their attempts to keep things as platonic as possible.  A lot of people that do find a surrogate to birth their child tend to make certain that they can find someone that is not only willing but is trustworthy, and if possible, is married or in a stable relationship. There are a lot of factors to surrogacy that too many people don’t take into account, since like it or not, there are women that agree to do this and then become attached to the life that’s growing inside of them. Many women will do everything they can to remain practical when it concerns the pregnancy since surrogates do get paid quite well for their service, and while divorcing emotion from the equation isn’t easy or even possible at all times, this is something that can be one of the greatest gifts that anyone can give to another person, even if they are being paid a rather large amount of money. In the end, it’s about doing something for another person that will help to enrich their lives.

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