Five Awesome Pranks Actors Played on Each Other on Movie Sets

Five Awesome Pranks Actors Played on Each Other on Movie Sets

Five Awesome Pranks Actors Played on Each Other on Movie Sets

When cast members become close enough that they can tell each other anything or have a bit of fun with each other it’s a sure recipe for hijinks every now and then, especially if a person is willing to pull a prank now and then to show how much they care. That sounds a little odd really but the truth of it is that a lot of people show how much they care about each other by doing some of the most messed-up things they can think of, or, barring that, will do something that’s so extremely annoying that if they didn’t care about and respect the other person then they might expect to get the cops called on them or perhaps find themselves in a legal matter. But pulling pranks on people that a person gets along with is kind of a right between friends that just has to happen now and then to show how far people can be pushed when it comes to mutual respect. Plus, when one thinks of how pranks can escalate in terms of creativity, it’s a lot of fun to think up new ways to outwit someone that might know you that well.

Here are some of the best pranks that actors have pulled on each other on set.

5. George Clooney attached a marijuana bumper sticker to Brad Pitt’s car.

It sounds as though this wasn’t the first bumper sticker that Clooney stuck on Pitt’s car, but the one that managed to get the cops to come down on him was in the shape of a marijuana leaf and had the words F the Police on it. One can imagine that the cops weren’t too happy to see this, and as a result, Pitt was pulled over, but it’s also easy to think that he not only didn’t know about the sticker but was thinking of ways to get back at Clooney once he discovered what had happened. Cops don’t generally enjoy such sentiments, but with the freedom of speech being what it is it’s likely that they came up with another reason to pull Pitt over.

4. Christian Bale and Bradley Cooper pranked Jennifer Lawrence with a fake headstone.

Apparently Jennifer Lawrence had to walk through a graveyard for a scene and found it particularly creepy during a movie that she shared with Bale and Cooper, but one can only imagine just what went through the minds of the two actors once they learned about her reluctance. Given that graveyards can be creepy places to walk through even on the best of days, it’s not hard to think that seeing your own name on a headstone would be even worse. One has to wonder at how badly Jennifer freaked out over this prank, and if she was willing to speak to Bale or Cooper for a while afterward.

3. Michael Gambon and Alan Rickman put a fart machine in Daniel Radcliffe’s sleeping bag.

When a person looks at how stoic and serious Gambon and Rickman were on the set of Harry Potter it’s hard to think of either of them coming up with this prank, but apparently they thought it would be good fun during the Prisoner of Azkaban movie when the students were sleeping in the great hall. Gambon controlled the device with a button he kept pushing while the scene went on. The worst part of this is that Daniel was lying close to a girl that he had a crush on, who had to hear the farting sounds coming from his sleeping bag continuously as Gambon and Rickman were definitely having a laugh.

2. Kit Harington put a severed head in Rose Leslie’s fridge.

Given the fact that these two did get married, it was likely that putting a fake severed head, of Jon Snow no less, in the fridge didn’t win Kit any points with his missus. The story goes that she freaked out upon seeing this thing nestled in the same place as their cold drinks and food items. It would have been even worse likely if Jon Snow had lost his head in the show, or maybe not, but this would be one heck of a surprise for anyone, and it likely had Rose giving Kit the riot act for a while simply because the nature of the show they starred in was so brutal and likely stuck with both of them for a while.

1. George Clooney had Matt Damon’s wardrobe altered.

It sounds as though Clooney and Damon made an agreement to lose weight for the movie The Monuments Men, but Clooney decided to take things a little further by having Damon’s clothes taken in every day to make them just a little bit smaller, enough so that it wasn’t noticeable. Of course, one can assume that Damon was greatly confused as to why his weight loss regimen wasn’t working as it should have.

Pranks are pretty funny so long as they don’t go too far.

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