Why We’ll Be Watching The Movie “Titane”

Titane almost feels like a circus of madness in which the director isn’t so much the ringleader as she is the complete master of every twisted scene that happens in this movie as the main character apparently feels sexual around automobiles and is carrying a child from an encounter with a car. Oh, and she leaks an inky black substance as well at some point. The main reason to see this is perhaps to try and see what everyone else is witnessing in terms of the cringe, the horror, the levity, and of course the overall feeling that it’s not a whole bunch of insanity with a pretty wrapper, but a whole bunch of insanity without the wrapper since it’s bound to make a lot of people wince in several places within just the first thirty minutes. So far it sounds as though many people are in agreement that the movie does make sense but still makes people wonder why certain things are happening at any given time. That kind of insane flow isn’t such a bad thing but it does appeal to some and not to others, much like many other movies.

But at the same time, one really has to understand what’s going on in this movie to stay seated since it feels certain that some folks might want to get up and leave or switch movies or do something other than watch what’s about to go down in Titane since there doesn’t appear to be any holding back. From breaking gender norms to breaking other things it’s fair to say that this movie is going to be one of those that appeals to people that love the weird and unusual and don’t mind sticking around for the cringe either. If there’s anything else to say it’s that this movie is purposefully set to see just who can endure the entire length, which is the prerogative of the director.

Creating movies for shock value while trying to make a point isn’t exactly a new process since it’s been around and prevalent for a while now. But doing so in an era when many people are going ‘woke’ and trying to break out of the norms that society has apparently placed on so many is something that is being used as an excuse to break down boundaries and barriers that might otherwise hamper the creativity of some individuals. But then, as a counter-argument, if one can’t work around barriers and boundaries then their creativity is bound to be brought into question anyway since a truly creative person can get the attention of the audience without having to stretch things to a point where cringe is the default emotion that people will feel. And of course, there’s a counter-argument for that too, but we won’t go into it since otherwise, we’ll be here all day trying to counter one point after another. The main point here is that creativity isn’t an easy thing to hamper or even bottle up if one really stretches their imagination and allows it to flow rather than vomit onto the screen. Titane looks like something that will please some people and be labeled as provocative for its imagery and content, but might otherwise be thought of as something that was done for shock value and not much more.

It will still be likely to get people thinking and remarking over its many different scenes that might shock and titillate the audience, but it’s also bound to be something that’s labeled as intelligent, mind-bending, and a fine addition to the current era. Yep, that’s what might happen, since these days it’s becoming less about telling a compelling story and more about shocking the audience into paying attention at times. There’s nothing to say that Titane will be the next big movement in cinema, but it’s definitely fair to say that people who are considered experts in their field and whose words are often taken as gospel will be giving their two cents, and people that don’t think for themselves or who believe the experts will decide that they know exactly what they’re talking about. The best way to go about deciding if a movie is worth your time or not is to watch it for a few minutes and then decide.

It’s likely that Titane will be interesting and intriguing and will challenge those who watch it, and for those reasons alone it might be worth watching. But one thing to think about is that when thinking about which movies one wants to watch, don’t always listen to the experts. Some of them might know what they’re talking about, but like any other human being, they have their biases and opinions, and that’s what they typically use to tell the people what a movie is worth, be it for good or ill.

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