Why We’ll Be Watching The Movie “Saving Paradise”

Why We’ll Be Watching The Movie “Saving Paradise”

Why We’ll Be Watching The Movie “Saving Paradise”

People that hail from a small town will probably appreciate this movie, or at the very least they’ll understand it since the premise is based on a true story and the whole idea is that a small-town guy that moved to the city and became a ruthless corporate man is given a reason to return home to the small town he came from. Having to inherit his father’s failing pencil company he has a hard decision to make, whether to let the plant close down and ruin the lives of the people working there, or find another way to make it work. The type of mentality that comes down to us vs. them is typical when thinking about corporations and small towns, and it’s very prominent here since the feeling in the trailer is that the man in question isn’t ready to commit to what amounts to a look back into his past, nor does he think this company is worth saving at first. It’s a tough topic that’s been faced by many small towns since the cost of keeping a failing business open versus going further into debt to keep paying people to work within a business that appears to be going nowhere is something that many people have had to deal with.

People do tend to take sides in such situations as those that understand and follow the slightly more ruthless but sensible side of business tend to feel that closing down anything that’s not producing at an expected level is needed while investing in businesses that are constantly producing is wise. Others would be of the mind that a business such as the one seen in the trailer is the heart and soul of a community since it’s offered many people a living for years and has become a part of the landscape at that point.

The problem is that sentiment and business don’t always mix, which leaves a lot of people flummoxed since sentiment might be all they have apart from the love of the job that’s about to be shut down. It’s also an issue when shutting down a plant or a factory can effectively kill off a town that depends heavily on the factory to survive since, without the jobs, people will often need to move on since they can’t add to the local economy any longer when they have to pay a greater price just to get to work and back. The story definitely goes into the division among the people since this is a very natural occurrence since even if a person was born and raised in the small town that’s about to be affected, they can be seen as the enemy if they side with the people that are trying to shut a much-needed place of employment down. It’s likely that this movie will hit people on a lot of levels since the whole idea behind it is to show the struggle of an individual as he tries to reconcile with his hometown while still being expected to do his job as a corporate raider. It’s fair to say that loyalty is something that gets tested over and over in a situation like this since in order to do one’s job it sometimes becomes necessary to sever or at least damage ties with your hometown.

Just looking at the trailer it feels as though a lot of people might pass on this one for a number of reasons, perhaps because it hits too close to home or maybe due to the idea that it doesn’t feel as realistic, to them, as it should. But the movie does have a certain type of look that says it might attract some folks and repel others. It’s also not bound to be as exciting as many other movies have this year, but it’s definitely a take on an issue that has touched a lot of people and will continue to touch even more as the years go by and progress continues to happen. That’s a part of what this is, after all, progress that ends up taking smaller towns and companies to task when corporations decide that it’s time to step in and take over. This isn’t always how it goes obviously but there are a number of examples out there that have shown that when a town’s main source of income is taken down, people either stand up and fight or the town tends to go downhill.

It does look like a movie that I, personally, would enjoy since coming from a small town the feeling is pretty easy to pick up and the idea of community and what will happen to the people is greater when one gets the idea of actually being part of the community. But hopefully the movie will be evenhanded as well and show that corporations aren’t entirely evil.sentiment and business

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