Why We’ll Be Watching the Movie Minari

The obvious thing to say is that living in a new place is bound to be rough, and adapting might be a more difficult proposition than a lot of people are willing to admit. But adapting to a new country and a new way of life is even harder as it’s seen in Minari, a story about a Korean family that comes to a small Arkansas town to live out the American dream of doing something for themselves. When they’re joined by their sly but loving grandma it would appear that things don’t change that much, but the dynamic between their son and his grandmother is a bit touchy since as a growing boy he’s likely to say things that aren’t entirely respectful, but it’s also apparent that the grandmother is able to take this all in stride. In the meantime, the family has to undergo a great number of challenges to ensure that they’re able to survive as the father, played by Steven Yeun, attempts to cultivate their land only to meet with one mounting difficulty after another. From a viewer standpoint, this looks very much like a movie that’s worth the awards that it’s already won and could prove to be a very heartfelt tale that is bound to pull at the old heartstrings in a very big way.

People love a good drama, and Minari appears to satisfy that need since from the trailer there’s plenty of emotions that can be taken from this story, such as unease, fear, anxiety, and many more. But there’s also a sense of harmony, of peace, and strength that comes from the family unit as they attempt to make their way forward in a town that no doubt sees them as outsiders no matter how welcoming some of them are. This is the type of story that can truly grip people in a way that will show who they are as a person, and will hopefully help shape others in a manner that will make them understand what it’s like for folks that have come to America from other countries and are trying to adapt. The sad truth is that while America might be similar in some ways to other countries, the attitudes here are quite different and the stark realization of that is lost on too many people that simply want people to assimilate into the American culture. That’s kind of amusing really since America does have culture, but it’s a very multifaceted thing that has been born from the creation that so many other cultures have fed into. The overall American culture is one that’s meant to be shared, given, and embraced, and yet remains tolerant and accepting of other cultures and the desire to preserve the unique feel of said cultures. Some would call it a mess, others would call it a complex meeting of worlds that can be used as a learning process for those that are interested, and as the trailer shows, the family is doing their best to acclimate to the American culture, while still keeping their own family dynamic.

One of the most interesting aspects at this time is the grandmother, who obviously doesn’t appear to be the quiet, unassuming figure that some might feel is the stereotype of elderly Asian women. Instead, she’s quite vocal and isn’t shy at all when it comes to making her feelings apparent, and her slight clash with her grandson looks as though it could be one of the highlights of the movie, and might even take over at some point since the silent battle between youth and age is usually quite interesting to watch. Overall, this movie looks as though it will be something fun to watch as a drama and as a lesson on how to treat one’s neighbors, especially those that are new to an area and know nobody and very little about the local customs. There have been many movies that have made it clear that treating people as you want to be treated is the best way to go, and yet the state of the country at this point makes it clear that this lesson is taken as entertainment more often than not and is a lesson that many people still need to learn. The struggle of some folks to adapt to a new area is very real, but the responsibility of taking people in, accepting them for who they are, and simply allowing them to enjoy and experience the life that many want for their families and themselves is one of the great chances in life that needs to be taken. Steven Yeun has been pretty busy since his days on The Walking Dead and has been continually proving that as a dramatic actor he’s someone that deserves a lot more attention.

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