Why We’ll Be Watching New Series “Small Axe” on Amazon

Small Axe is definitely one among many projects coming out that is set to have a bigger impact given the current view of how things stand in the world at this point, and it might add to the growing feeling that groups of people are being marginalized in a very harmful way by leaning once again on historical happenings. The project is definitely something that’s bound to be viewed and taken seriously from the context it provides since the injustice that’s been seen throughout the decades has been building in various parts of the world and people are being tuned in to it in a big way. What remains to be seen is the reaction to this look back into history since as of now the country is currently reaching a boiling point that people can’t hope to deny and each new piece of entertainment that comes along that isn’t for sheer entertainment but is to also provide more ‘woke’ content is bound to stir the hornet’s nest that is already abuzz with activity. The truth of it is that there are problems abounding as Small Axe points out and that there are plenty of those that are willing to stoke the flames instead of putting them out. There are also plenty of stories that need to be told and experienced by many to gain a better understanding of what’s been happening for years on end. But trying to stir the pot using entertainment is a risky proposition since it typically comes with one result or another. Either people will pay attention and stand up for a cause, or they’ll figure that it’s another attempt to right a wrong or call attention to something that’s happened in the past and will attempt to move forward instead of remedying what some folks think is still a major problem.

It’s very easy to be cynical about the message that some movies and shows are pushing since that message continues to widen the divide between people, but a very good point to make is that forgetting things that happened isn’t the best idea either. Bringing those events back to life on screen is bound to be seen as controversial by some, but will no doubt be seen as powerful and meaningful by many others. The stories that occur in the past being brought forth to remind people of what happened and why can stir up a great deal of emotion in a lot of people and get them thinking about the future they want to leave for their children and grandchildren and Small Axe is one of those that reminds people that despicable things have happened in the past, but that the response to said acts isn’t always as justified as it might appear. Controversial as that statement might be, it’s very true since projects such as this often give a very one-sided view, and typically one that speaks from a place of deep-seated anger, confusion, and pain. It’s hard to say that the people these happen to don’t deserve that retribution, since they do, but there’s also the thought that acting out of anger, blinded or not, is a good way to keep the divide between people spreading and the old hatreds burning as society moves forward without any other recourse but to keep tearing each other down rather than building something that might last between different people. Sadly, as Small Axe is bound to show in some way, the divide is not as easy to close as some might like it to be, and is bound to swallow up anyone that gets too close as the resentment and hatred that’s brought by and because of it will consume anyone that can’t simply step away.

It’s important to take Small Axe and many other projects like it as entertainment as well as a bit of history that’s been pushed in a certain way to get people thinking of what happened, what’s important, and why forgetting just isn’t an option, but using this as a reference and not an example of what life is or should be today is a wise idea. Whether a person agrees with everything they see in this project or not, it’s smarter to simply look at it for what it is, and not make it into something that it’s not. That’s obviously easier said than done for a lot of people since even with the fact that Small Axe is entertainment as well as a part of history that has been dredged up, some folks may very well decide that this is a call to arms or an idea that they can use in some manner to remind people that the divide within society is real and that it’s important to keep it around instead of seeking to seal it up.

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