Why We Think the Hawkeye Series is Going to Fail on Disney Plus

Why We Think the Hawkeye Series is Going to Fail on Disney Plus

Why We Think the Hawkeye Series is Going to Fail on Disney Plus

It’s not a desire to see it fail in any way, but there are several factors working against its success at this point and they kind of need to be addressed. Hawkeye is and always has been an impressive character since his marksmanship and the fact that he’s one of the few humans on the Avengers that doesn’t have a suit of armor or superpower has been well-noted throughout the years. Yet for all that he’s still been one of the best since his character is one that serves as kind of a lookout and at times a sniper for the team given that his aim is absolutely amazing and he’s got a very tactical mind that can help out in a pinch. Some might say that this isn’t really needed in battle since Iron Man can pretty much take care of the layout and assess enemy forces with his high-tech gadgets while the brute force and skill provided by everyone from Captain America to the Hulk really overshadows his character. In fact until he switched over to his Ronin persona, Hawkeye was kind of floundering in the Avengers movies despite the fact that while possessed by Loki he was one of the more destructive enemies the Avengers had ever had and it was largely because he knew how to assess their strengths and exploit any weaknesses. On his own though Clint is kind of hampered by the fact that he has to take the time to set up his quiver, take the few seconds needed to adjust his bow, and then start letting the shafts fly. In that time a lot of the heroes could put him down rather quickly since their speed, strength, and agility are far greater than his thanks to various factors. In short, Hawkeye is, unfortunately, one of the weakest Avengers on the team, and if not for his expert aim and deadly hand to hand skills he might actually be expendable.

The reason his solo program might fail though isn’t because of this, well it might have something to do with it but it’s not the main reason. One of the reasons in any case would be that he’s going to be contending with shows on Disney+ that will likely already have a pretty decent following since the show isn’t likely to come out before 2021, meaning that second season of The Mandalorian will have arrived and other shows will have been released as well. As Molly Freeman of Screenrant has mentioned the show is supposedly bringing in the character of Kate Bishop, so as to introduce her and build the relationship of mentor and student between her and Clint. This would likely mean that Hawkeye is thinking of retiring since after Endgame Iron Man was gone, as was Black Widow, and Captain America chose to stay back in time where he could grow old with Peggy Carter. Out of everyone that was counted as an Avenger he was one of the few that could manage to retire and finally live out his life with his family, though the odds of that are kind of slim since in the comics Hawkeye has been doing his thing even as a grey-haired and blind old man that was on a quest to deliver a super-soldier serum in Old Man Logan. Of course that alternate reality is not what the show will be working off, but the idea of Clint retiring for good and hanging up his bow is kind of hard to picture since he’s usually duty-bound to help out whenever he can.

Unfortunately even in the comics Hawkeye, as impressive as he’s been through the years, still isn’t the biggest draw since he’s easily beaten by many heroes and villains that are only in possession of moderate power levels. With enough time and planning when it comes to his arrows and his tactics he can take down a healthy number of opponents, but another reason why his show might not do as well is that his story arc has been very reliant upon the Avengers thus far and he hasn’t had to prove that he can carry his own show just yet. Iron Man, Thor, Captain America, and even the Hulk have all had their own movies in the past, and Black Widow is set to join that number eventually, but Hawkeye has almost always been left behind for one reason or another. The big hope of course is that this show will prove that he’s not just an afterthought and can in fact make something of his own show. Whether or not we’ll see other characters pop in and help out with cameos or recurring roles is hard to say, but the feeling is that despite the roles he’s had in the Avengers movies and Civil War and Thor, Hawkeye is going to have to prove himself once again, though hopefully this time the fan base will be more than ready to accept him.

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