Why We Think Andy Serkis Is the Perfect Director for Venom 2

Why We Think Andy Serkis Is the Perfect Director for Venom 2

Borys Kit of The Hollywood Reporter alludes to Andy Serkis being the perfect director for Venom 2 and to be quite honest one can’t help but agree with that sentiment. After all, this is the man that had a big part in making some of our favorite villains come to life on the big screen, and I’m not talking about Ulysses Klaue. His time as Gollum and even as Caesar in the recent Planet of the Apes movies seems to suggest that he’s the guy to go to when it comes to acting out a motion-capture character, as Venom clearly is. Plus with the fact that his career has been building up to this it’s no wonder why Sony would take the time and effort to try and recruit him for this project since not only is he the kind of guy that knows how to tell a story, he’s the type that can inspire people in a big way.

It might not be a unanimous decision among everyone at this point but Austen Goslin from Polygon is another voice that happens to think that Serkis will be perfect in this capacity. It might be that this only his third film as a director that might be turning people off to the idea, but so far he’s working with a lot of experience and with a movie that’s already proven to be pretty popular given that the titular hero isn’t really anything like the heroes we’ve been rooting for throughout the years. Venom is downright nasty, and yet once he aligned with Eddie Brock in the movie it was apparent that they would eventually come to share the same values, with the occasional disposal of a true human piece of garbage, as was displayed near the end of the movie. But what seems like the biggest challenge ahead, for the CGI team as well Serkis, is the idea that Carnage might be coming into the next movie. If the red-skinned psychopath turned symbiote doesn’t then it will likely tick a lot of people off since Cletus Kasady was shown and fans knew exactly what that meant. How it will happen is anyone’s guess since in the comics it was due to Venom giving ‘birth’ to another symbiote that fused with Kasady, who had been Brock’s cell mate in prison.

In this new version however Brock hasn’t been sent to prison and in fact he was interviewing Kasady during the post credit scene. So the ‘how’ is going to be important if Carnage really is coming, and while the writers have a lot to do with this it’s going to be Serkis’ vision for the characters that’s really going to come into play, and as he’s already shown that he can come up with some extremely impressive visuals and a great deal of cringe-worthy (in a good way) content, Venom 2 should be a thrilling spectacle of epic proportions. Some are still reserved about this since they don’t want to get their hopes up only to see them dashed to the ground, but given how much the first movie surprised so many people it seems fair to state that the second one, if Carnage is involved, could be even better. I know, I know, sequels have a nasty habit of never living up to their predecessor, but in this case it would almost seem as though Venom is operating under the idea of using the lowest common denominator first and then expanding to show just how terrifying the idea of a symbiote can really be. In fact the only thing that would be better than just having Carnage step in would be the emergence of Spider-Man onto the scene, but of course that might not be entirely possible. There are other heroes on the west coast though, other beings that could contend with Venom and Carnage, though whether Sony would ever get the permission needed or not is hard to say.

Think about it though, an actual movie with Venom and Carnage, going to toe to toe with each other, and with fans already willing to state just who was going to win since, as fans know, Carnage is a walking nightmare that actually surpasses Venom in a few different ways. The fact that Carnage is smaller than its parent symbiote makes no difference at all, as the creature can still dish out a great deal of pain. Think of Riot from the first movie, and then multiply that by a factor of ten, and you might have a clue as to how much trouble Venom could be in. Serkis is about one of the only guys that could possibly understand how to use these two characters in an effective way, and there’s not a lot of reason to doubt that he’ll do the best he can.

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